Pines Federal

Eric Pines

Eric L. Pines is a distinguished federal employment lawyer, mediator, and attorney business coach with a national reputation. He specializes in representing federal employees, serving as in-house counsel for over fifty thousand federal employees through union representation, including the largest federal union local in the world at the Social Security Administration. With a background as a federal employee himself, Eric has a successful litigation record, securing significant settlements for his clients, such as a notable $16.5 million for misclassified FEMA employees. His firm focuses on a wide range of federal employee issues, with particular emphasis on representing Veteran Affairs medical staff and disabled federal employees seeking reasonable accommodations or disability retirement.

Pines Federal

Amanda Moreno

Amanda Moreno is an accomplished Supervising Litigation Attorney at Pines Federal with a decade of experience in federal employment law. Known for her exceptional litigation skills and compassionate approach, Moreno has achieved significant success for her clients, including substantial financial recoveries, through both hearings and settlements. Her work encompasses a wide range of federal employment disputes, where she consistently delivers positive outcomes. Moreno’s legal journey began with a Juris Doctorate from Hofstra University, followed by early career experiences that included serving as a law clerk and working at Legal Aid. Her career has spanned state, appellate, and federal courts across New York, where she honed her litigation skills.

Brown & Goodkin

Daniel Goodkin

Dan is a seasoned attorney focused on federal employee compensation. He lived and studied in England before completing his education at UCLA and Loyola Law School. Initially working as a law clerk for Steven Brown, Dan ventured into the entertainment industry, focusing on music licensing and business development, before returning to legal practice in 2004. He has since played a pivotal role in federal workers’ compensation law, leading the FECA Law and Advocacy Group before its merger with the Workers Injury Law and Advocacy Group (WILG), where he has been a continuous Chair or Co-Chair of the FECA Section. Dan is dedicated to improving the FECA process for all stakeholders and is a respected speaker on various related topics.

Andalman & Flynn

Elliott Andalman

Elliott Andalman is a distinguished attorney with extensive experience in representing workers in disability claims, with a particular emphasis on OPM disability retirement cases. His firm offers a wide range of services related to disability retirement and federal employment issues, such as securing FMLA and other leaves, obtaining reasonable accommodations, addressing AWOLs and proposed removals, and assisting with removals due to medical inability to work. Elliott has also worked with several organizations, including the ACLU of Maryland, the Maryland Disability Law Center, and University Legal Services, to advocate for civil liberties and equal rights for individuals with disabilities, focusing on issues like freedom of speech, racial discrimination, and access to public facilities.

Law Offices of Brett E. Blumstein

Brett Blumstein

Brett Blumstein is a seasoned attorney with over 15 years in legal practice, focusing on federal employment law. He heads The Law Offices of Brett E. Blumstein, P.C., offering a broad spectrum of legal services to individuals and businesses, including contracts, employment, family law, and intellectual property. Blumstein, who studied Economics at U.C. Irvine and earned his Law degree from Loyola Law School, dedicates a significant part of his career to advocating for federal employees. His experience encompasses federal workers’ compensation, OPM disability retirement, wrongful termination, and employment discrimination cases.