Our Attorneys Provide In-House Legal Counsel and Representation for Federal Unions

Pines Federal provides counsel for federal unions, bringing more than 20 years of experience to the table. Our founding attorney, Eric L. Pines, Esq., serves as in-house counsel for the largest federal local in the USA, AFGE Local 1923, as well as for the federal unions for VA hospitals and Army Depots. Call upon our federal employee law firm for professional counsel in all federal union matters.

Pines Federal provides comprehensive legal services with a sole focus on representing federal labor unions and federal employees. As a former in-house AFGE Local 1923 attorney for 9 years, Mr. Eric Pines brings almost 20 years of experience representing the largest and smallest federal locals in the largest federal labor union in the United States to his firm. The firm has taken this experience and expanded to represent Unions ranging from AFGE, NFFE, NTEU and IAM.

We are proud to offer federal labor unions scalable monthly consulting contracts as well as individual case representation agreements priced based on the size of each Union’s Membership and the scope of services needed. As your attorneys, we can draft your grievances and litigate your arbitration hearings, draft and litigate ULPs, and analyze and litigate EEO, MSPB and other Master Labor Agreement related issues.

Targeted Legal Counsel

We prioritize advising and training Union Leadership/Officers and Stewards in the intricacies of the all types of federal cases including EEO/MSPB Training, OWCP Training, OPM Disability Retirement Training, and Grievance Training. Our federal employee and labor union attorney has given training seminars to a myriad of federal agencies, including: SSA, GSA, Veterans Affairs, Library of Congress, the Army, the Navy, OCC and the SEC.

We have successfully litigated and/or settled over 80 EEO and labor arbitrations.

For many of these locals, we evaluate grievances, EEO cases, MSPB cases, and OWCP cases and conduct site visits where we meet with union members and conduct steward training.

Pines Federal has represented and/or represents the following federal labor unions of varying sizes including:

  • AFGE Local 4060 vs. FEMA
  • AFGE Local 1224 (Las Vegas V.A.)
  • AFGE Local 3511 (San Antonio V.A.)
  • AFGE Local 2142 (Corpus Christi Army Depot)
  • AFGE 1920 (Fort Hood)
  • AFGE Local 1633 (Houston V.A.)
  • AFGE Local 1454 (Houston V.A.R.O.)
  • AFGE 2006 (SSA Pennsylvania)
  • NFFE 1384 (Hanscomb AFB)
  • AFGE 2063 (Albuquerque V.A.)
  • AFGE Local 1038 (Amarillo V.A.)
  • IAM Local 2049 (CCAD)
  • AFGE 1923 (Baltimore SSA, V.A., Army, Navy, NASA, NMB, VARO, CMS)
  • AFGE 2798 (Washington D.C. V.A.)
  • AFGE 1482 (Barstow, California Marine Base)
  • AFGE 2109 (Temple, Texas V.A.)
  • AFGE 1687 (Mountain Home, TN V.A.)

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Our attorneys at Pines Federal can advise you and/or your membership at any step of the grievance process and represent you at the arbitration stage or if your complaint is filed with the MSPB or EEOC. We serve clients in Houston and nationwide. If you have any questions or concerns about a disciplinary action or adverse personnel decision taken against you or if you are the victim of discrimination, call the Houston attorneys at Pines Federal today at (800) 801-0598.

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