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With two decades of success in protecting the rights of federal employees, our legal team at Pines Federal brings experience, dedication, tenacity, sensitivity and personal commitment to every case we represent. Employment discrimination cases in particular require an experienced legal representative to navigate the specific laws that pertain to federal employee cases. A general employee attorney will not have the in-depth understanding that our Houston federal employee attorneys possess.

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At Our Firm, You Are Family

No one should be isolated or punished because of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability. If this has happened to you, we come alongside you and walk with you through the steps necessary for defending yourself against this violation of your rights.

Our entire team at Pines Federal is dedicated to providing a completely personalized guide through:

  • Walking you through the initial options offered to you, whether it be mediation or counseling.
  • Filing your official complaint with the EEO office if these options are not successful.
  • Providing support through the EEO's investigation of the incident or situation.
  • Representing you at your hearing.
  • Following up with an appeal if necessary.

Seeking Damages for Discrimination

As your federal employee attorney, we can advise you as to the type of damages you may be entitled to upon our initial review of your case. Commonly, damages collected include lost wages, compensation for emotional distress, getting your job back, or collecting benefits lost due to the discrimination.

Each case is unique, and we bring our own unique voice to your defense. Rest assured knowing that, with our 60+ years of collective experience, we can make sure you proceed correctly and effectively through your claim. Schedule your initial case review with our Houston federal employee legal team at Pines Federal today.

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  • Committed to Our Clients

    Our attorneys bring unmatched experience, dedication, tenacity, sensitivity, and personal commitment to the table for every individual we represent.

  • Stellar Reputation

    Our firm has garnered a reputation as committed advocates for representing employees of any federal agency with an emphasis on helping disability and veterans administration employees.

  • Proven Record of Success

    Our attorneys have been fiercely protecting the rights of employees for decades and have a stunning track record and a proven success rate.

  • Tailored Approach to Your Case

    Our attorneys will listen to your case, provide an honest assessment, answer all your questions and concerns, and create a custom strategy to provide the best possible outcome.

  • Over 50 Years of Combined Experience

    Our seasoned litigation lawyers have decades of experience and are ready to fight on your behalf in court should the need arise.

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