FEMA members of AFGE local 4060 accused the agency of compensatory and overtime grievances in March 2018. According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Title V (FEPA), denying employees access to compensatory leave or overtime pay is a violation of policy. AFGE hired Pines Federal and Snider and Associates, LLC to represent the interests of employees in this case. Attorneys and paralegals on staff with both firms have built a strong case by interviewing employees to collect personal experiences of agency violations. 

Our firms have reached many of the employees most impacted by the issues of this case; however, the more employees we can interview, the better the outcome for everyone. Instead of going to court, our team chose to work towards a settlement agreement that we are hopeful will provide the best result for the greatest number of people. While we have seen positive signs that settlement discussions are going well, our team will litigate the case if that is what’s required. 

Earlier estimates from our team suggest this case could yield millions of dollars for our clients, and a case of that size requires countless hours of work to see success. While our team continues to fight for the employees violated by the actions of FEMA, it’s imperative to bring more employees into our case. If you are currently or were part of the AFGE 4060 bargaining unit, check your records to see if you were denied overtime or compensatory leave. All bargaining unit employees for this AFGE Local 4060 are included in this grievance, even if you are not a union member. If you have been denied payment for time worked, you may benefit from the successful result of this case. 

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