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We have been fortunate to have helped thousands of clients all over the world resolve their legal matters. After working with us, our clients took the time to describe their positive experiences with our firm.
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  • I’m glad I had Eric Pines by my side

    “I applied for Medical Disability from OPM and was denied. I found the Eric Pines Law firm to hep me with my appeal through an Internet search. Eric and Scott listened to me and help me get approved. Eric also represented me when the organization I was working for tried to terminate my employment while I was waiting for approval from OPM. I’m so glad he was by my side during the hearing. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”


  • I was in need of help so, I turned to Eric L. Pines.

    “I want to thank Eric Pines and his staff publicly for taking extra great care and interest in me concerning my federal benefits and OPM application. This has not been easy for me but during this whole ordeal Eric Pines and his staff has been nothing but professional from beginning to end. He and his staff did a fantastic job pulling me through this. My family and I are very happy and appreciative with the quality of services, I received from Eric Pines Law office. Thank you, Eric Pines!”

    Alan T.

  • Amazing! Just what the Doctor Ordered!

    “Eric Pines is simply Amazing! I am a physician working for the federal government and when I was recently facing an adverse action, the founding partner of Pines Federal, Eric Pines, took on my case himself. Situations like this are very time-sensitive and I was impressed from the start. Within a few days, I was getting a consultation and expert advice from Eric remotely in Houston while I was still waiting to even a call back from the local firm. If you are a federal employee, especially a professional with a lot to lose, you want an Expert in your corner! Don’t waste your time trying to find someone local, you don’t need to as most everything can be done with tele-conferencing and mobile uploads and e-signing . You want to go with someone who knows what they are doing! If you’re a title 38 employee, forget about the merit protection systems board stuff, that won’t even apply to you! What you want is representation and legal counsel and Eric knows how to advocate for you! Amazing! Thank you, Eric!”

    Dr. K

  • Wonderful Outcome

    “I'm a medical specialist at risk of losing my license; a federal agency made several serious, inaccurate and untruthful allegations against me and had reported me to several state licensing boards. These boards are also law enforcement agencies. Eric Pines and Josh Kahn responded quickly after my intake and filed an individual right of action (IRA) before the Merit Systems Protection Board. They were most adept with the federal personnel/MSPB system. They also dug through and mastered the various medical bylaws for the institution I was involved with as well as technical aspects of my medical specialty. Eric and Josh presented written and oral arguments before and during mediation leading to a quick financial settlement. They forced the agency to rescind all notifications sent to the various state licensing agencies. I went from dreadfully concerned about losing my medical license and livelihood, to being vindicated and now having a very successful private practice. That was Eric and Josh. If you are a specialist, medical or not, Eric and Josh are agile enough to master any nuance specific to your situation. If you are a medical provider, Eric and Josh will get the onus of having your professional livelihood threatened by a large federal bureaucracy, and know exactly how to respond. If I ever find myself in any other Legal event involving a federal agency, I will look nowhere else. Pines Federal will absolutely be my "go to" firm.”

    Pines Fed Excellent Representing Physicians/Providers/Specialists

  • There is no comparison between the other firms I interviewed if you need a firm to understand complex government processes.

    “I worked with Josh Kahn for over a year on my case against the Department of Veterans Affairs. He and the law firm believed in my case and prepared outstanding legal documents, depositional inquiries, and law suit strategies. When we had our "day in court", Josh shined. No matter what the outcome of the hearing, I know we won. Josh, with assistance from Stephen, was able to prove everyone of our claims. They discredited two key witnesses of the opponents' team, impeaching their testimonies. Josh Kahn's closing impressed everyone in the room. I wanted to shout, "AMEN" at the end of the hearing but I refrained. I referred several others to Josh and Pines Federal for assistance to fight against injustices of the government. I interviewed multiple firms prior to finding Pines Federal. There is no comparison between the other firms I interviewed if you need a firm to understand complex government processes. AttorneyJosh Kahnand I worked well together. He communicated with me professionally, regularly in a timely fashion. Josh listened and really understood the case like no other attorney. His political background came in handy too. Thank you Attorney Josh! Thank you Attorney Stephen! Thank you Attorney Eric Pines!”

    Dr. West

  • Great service

    “Ely Reizes was absolutely great to work with. His tenacity, legal knowledge and effective communication skills led to a winning outcome for me after almost 3 years of battling the government.”

    Stephanie S.

  • Mr. Reizes is knowledgeable, honest, and won my case. I no longer have a burden to carry and am thankful for his dedication and patience.

    “I had a 2 year EEO battle against a Federal Agency, I consulted with Pines Fed and hired Ely as my legal representation. Mr. Reizes is knowledgeable, honest, and won my case. I no longer have a burden to carry and am thankful for his dedication and patience even when my patients ran out. Ely is the model of professionalism, integrity and most of sincere. Thank you Ely for everything!”


  • Excellent

    “Had issues with adverse action of removal on baseless claims. Josh and Stephen helped me with the process and appeals which we won. They are the best. Would recommend”


  • Thank You!

    “"WOW", Ely Reizes, I am so grateful for your passion, dedication, and professionalism. I've hired lawyers before, but you are truly the best I've ever worked with. Thank you so much for winning my Government FERS Reconsider case. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the amazing legal work you did on my behalf. Alton D.”

    Alton Dixon

  • If You’re Overwhelmed By The Process Of Securing Trustworthy Legal Representation…Look No Further

    “Early 2014 I was performing a Google search for Attorney’s who specialize in Federal employee rights. I badly needed the assistance of a good lawyer, but like in many instances when specialized experience is needed to resolve an issue, it can be very difficult to find someone you trust, and has your best interest in mind as a client. Until I discovered the Law Offices of Eric L. Pines, PLLC… I’m currently employed with the Department of Veterans Affairs (WCPAC) Las Vegas, NV. I have worked for the VAMC for 26 years, and have always performed at an outstanding level, until management at WCPAC began to harass and bully me by threatening my employment. Mid-June 2014, I was wrongfully terminated from the Department of Veteran Affairs (WCPAC) for reasons still to this day aren’t clear. ”


  • Excellent legal representation from Eric Pines and his legal team!

    “Recently I encountered a very difficult situation that resulted in my need for legal help and ultimately medical disability removal from my government job. Eric Pines and his team…incuding Scott Santerelli were wonderful to work with and were very successful in helping me with my case. As a result of ongoing medical problems I found myself in a difficult EEO battle against the Treasury agency I worked for. After careful research I decided to contact Mr. Pines for help with my case and the FERS Disability Retirement process. He was always very informative, understanding and responsive to me and my situation. He was always prompt to return my calls and respond to my many emails and questions throughout my case. In addition he was more concerned about my wellbeing and situation than his own financial earnings. Throughout the process I was cared for and respected by Eric and his team. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone in the federal workplace needing legal help or advice. My case was resolved quickly and with better results than I had imagined going into the process.”


  • Mr. Pines was a tremendous asset

    “I’m a federal employee of 16 years and I was confronted with allegations about my behavior that were false or unfounded. The nature of these allegations could have resulted in my termination, surrender of my professional license, and criminal charges. Local attorneys that I visited with about my case told me that I would need to provide them with my employer’s labor policies. I found out that obtaining these policies is no easy task when dealing with the federal government. Mr. Pines was already intimately familiar with federal labor policies that would affect my employment status. Mr. Pines was a tremendous asset with guiding me in the preparation of my defense for my interview with the investigative board. He was present via phone during my interview. After a lengthy investigation process the Administrative Board of Investigation cleared me of all allegations and I returned to duty without any disciplinary action.”


  • Eric and Scott exceeded my expectations of them.

    “I have not written a public review for anyone or anything before. However, I wanted to write this in hopes that someone looking for a lawyer could read this, and have the same wonderful experience that I did. I recently found myself in the most difficult time of my life, I needed an attorney to guide me through the complicated task of applying for Federal Disability Retirement. From my first phone call to Eric and Scott to inquire about the process, to the day that I informed them that I had been awarded my disability retirement, they were 100% professional and caring. They treated me as if I had known them for years, genuinely caring, polite, compassionate, patient (with my endless questions!), and knowledgeable in every aspect. Eric and Scott exceeded my expectations of them. They returned phone calls promptly and never ever did I feel rushed with their responses or advice. I felt like I was their most valued client, never sensing that they were too busy to address my concerns. After completing any interaction with them I felt safe, informed, protected, and confident. I felt that they truly knew what to do in each step of the way. I thank them from my heart for guiding me through a very difficult and intimidated.”


  • Proessional, thorough, and responsive

    “Ely, Ari, Stephen, and Eric were amazing. I greatly appreciate their diligence, professionalism, expertise, and responsiveness. Federal employees in need of legal assistance should consider Pines Federal early in the process as they are likely to resolve your case favorably and in a quick manner. Even though I waited until my case was on appeal before obtaining Pines Federal assistance, they were able to resolve my case favorably. Thank you Pines Federal!”


  • I would recommend Mr. Pines for anyone’s Attorney.

    “I would recommend Mr. Pines for anyone’s Attorney. Mr. Pines has assisted in my case a year ago, and he was very professional and knowlegeable of what he is doing. He helped me won the case that I was almost lost over thousand and thousand of dollars. He was easy to talk when there is any concern, and most imporantly, he will answer your call or return your call in a time frame manner. Once again, this Attorney is highly recommended.”


  • Pines Federal gets the job done!

    “Pines Federal, Ms. Dubin, and most importantly Mr. Reizes have my eternal gratitude for fighting this battle with me even when I didn't believe I could win it. When I first got separated from federal employment and represented myself for disability, my first denial took a toll on me because I was already scarred from being forced out of a job I loved due to my disabilities. I found Pines Federal by sheer luck but there is nothing lucky about the work they did for me. Ms. Dubin guided me through my reconsideration, and when that second denial came, Mr. Reizes stepped right into that ring and worked tirelessly until he got me the knock out with the MSPB case. They work hard on their cases from beginning to end, breathe life in discouraged clients like me, and will stop at nothing to get you that win until all the available options have been exhausted. I cannot say enough about Pines Federal because there aren't enough words to describe the amazing work they do. But I know that going forward, I will be their biggest advocate and recommend them to anyone and everyone. Thank you Pines Federal!”


  • Could not have asked for better Disability Retirement advocacy

    “I first thought that I would take on the Disability Retirement application process myself...appears simple enough, right. No chance. After having submitted ALL of my pertinent documents for the case review, Pines Federal took my case. The entire application process was long and grueling on their part; all the while making it a walk in the park for me with their in-house forms and step-by-step structured case development. There's no way I'd have been able to continue tending to my medical needs, tackle the disability application, and ensure all requirements of the FERS Disability Retirement program have been met, all on my own. Stop stressing and wasting time searching for someone else to work your case, and rest easy in the hands of Pines Federal! My only recommendation for others is to ensure you disclose/attach everything remotely related to your case for the case review as to obtain an accurate assessment.”

    Edward S

  • They are the Dream Team, doing the hard work so I could concentrate on doing my job.

    “The Law firm of Eric Pines helped me to successfully resolve an employment matter that helped me to regain my career with The VA. The law group has demonstrated sophisticated knowledge of Federal government intricacies. They are the perfect group for government workers. They are the Dream Team, doing the hard work so I could concentrate on doing my job. They were thorough, yet quick to come to MY desired resolution. I strongly recommend Eric, Steven and Aaron. Thank you guys.”


  • Definitely a firm to turn to

    “My government employer was threatening to report me to the licensing board. I was completely distraught and unable to fight this on my own I did not know what to do. I contacted a big law firm to discuss this, but I was treated disrespectfully, given no hope and no compassion (I was only a little fish). I left that firm and contacted Eric Pines law firm. From the first consult Eric, Stephen and Aaron were considerate, caring and understood what I was going through. They encouraged me to ask questions, kept me informed of everything going on and absolutely no surprise bills. There were two issues dealt with my employer, first was the report to the licensing board and second was applying for retirement disability. Stephen handled the licensing issue and he called me directly when he received the letter that I would not be turned into the board, I was in a state of shock and so grateful. This is my life, my family and I could not fight by myself…..they fought for me. The retirement disability outcome is still pending and is being handled by Eric, I feel he is doing a wonderful job for me. I would highly recommend this firm, all of these gentlemen made my terrifying situation more tolerable by being kind, professional and caring human beings.”

    Susan M.

  • Fortunately, there's the Law Office of Eric Pines, LLC to call on for help.

    “Unfortunately, when you exercise your rights, and participate in the EEO process you also open yourself up for Retaliation from individuals within the Agency. Fortunately, there's the Law Office of Eric Pines, LLC to call on for help. I work for the Department of Veterans Affairs, In 2014 I contacted Eric Pines Law for assistance with an possible discrimination issue. Thanks to the knowledge and professionalism of Eric Pines Attorneys, they were able to secure a reasonable and satisfactory settlement. Upon my return to duty, I immediately noticed that management continued to treat me differently than other staff. So, I calmly began to take notes and recap in email, situations that I considered out of the ordinary. Ultimately, I gathered and compiled enough information to file a claim for Retribution due to my prior EEO case and subsequent settlement. I RAN back to Eric Pines Law! I was assigned Attorney Joshua Kahn to handle my complaint. I found Josh Kahn to be very knowledgeable in Federal Employment Law, with a long impressive background to back it up. Josh is patient, and he knows how to extract useful\pertinent information to present on your behalf to maximize the outcome. As an result of Attorney Kahn's work, I was once again able to secure a satisfactory settlement with the Agency. I received a promotion, my attorney fees paid, and derogatory actions removed from my Official Personnel File (OPF). If you require legal employment representation, you really should look no more....”


  • Awesome experience!

    “Awesome experience! I made a phone call and was responded to by COB that day. Eric and his staff were patient, understanding and showed compassion and empathy. I was also surprised at the fantastic handling of my finances. There were no “extra” charges or hidden fees. This was truly a very professional and personal experience that I will share with anyone that will listen. Great job team! You are appreciated. If I can ever be of assistance to any of you; I am just a phone call away!”


  • diligent

    “Mr. Reizes was very good at his job. He shows all the traits you would like an attorney to have. Honest, straightforward, and willing to go the extra mile to help resolve your issue. I was pleased with his help, and would recommend him to anyone.”


  • A pleasure to work with.

    “This team of attorneys are the ones you are looking for if you are in the unfortunate situation of having to put together a Federal Disability Package. From day 1 this law firm was the best when it came to listening, understanding, compiling a lot of information and putting it all together in a professional and accurate presentation. There was never a day or even a few hours that passed when I asked a question and it was answered as close to perfectly as one could expect. If they didn’t know immediately, they found out quickly. This team is definitely the model that other attorneys and firms should be measured against and strive to become. It’s nice to know that true professionals do still exists.”


  • I am delighted that I chose them.

    “The staff and attorneys at Pines Federal have been so helpful, encouraging, and patient with me during the initial stages of my application for disability retirement. I am delighted that I chose them to help me in one the biggest decisions in my life.”

    Jeff C.

  • Fantastic!

    “Mr. Pines is a consummate professional! I contacted him about my federal disability retirement application and he kindly offered me a number of options. We worked together throughout the entire application process and my claim was approved promptly and without difficulty. Mr. Pines always treated me with respect and kindness and you can tell he is a deeply empathetic person. He was always prompt in responding to my emails or phone calls and essentially held my hand through the entire process. I would strongly recommend him to any person seeking federal disability retirement.”


  • The employees were attentive, knowledgable, and caring. The work they do is needed and appreciated.

    “Elchonon Reizes and Pine Federal assistance with helping me regain federal employment was excellent. The employees were attentive, knowledgable, and caring. The work they do is needed and appreciated. I recommend them for all your federal employment needs.”


  • His defense was fierce and fearless, resulting in a very reasonable settlement of my case. Thank you Ely for restoring my faith in the system.

    “From the first time I spoke with Elchonon (aka Ely), I knew I wanted him and his firm to represent me against a very powerful federal agency's actions. Ely was the fifth lawyer I consulted, but the only one I wanted on my side. Ely's ability to grasp onto the details of my case from the beginning was uncanny, and his attention to my story and my goals was refreshing. Throughout the case, Ely kept me in the loop, worked with me constantly to reassess and reevaluate my options, and most importantly, worked with me financially so I won't go bankrupt while fighting injustice. Even on the rare occasions when he was not available, he made sure to call me back right away or have another attorney from his firm ready to step in. I got to know Ely and learn about his family (virtually, of course, since he is not based in my State), and appreciated his loyalty and sense of righteousness. I was able to work with him on every detail of my case, including court submissions, deadlines, and options. Although extremely humble and soft-spoken, his defense was fierce and fearless, resulting in a very reasonable settlement of my case. Thank you Ely for restoring my faith in the system, and for the chance to know there are still good people willing to fight for the underdog. Thank you for making this battle less lonely and scary for me. I consider your a friend.”


  • He is the real deal!

    “WOW! I just completed my case review with Attorney Pines, not only was he extremely experienced and well versed in federal sector laws, and disability, he is the real deal! He took the time to listen, he was genuinely concerned and was not out to take advantage of my situation like so many other attorneys just out to rack up on fees. I was amazed with his experience regarding this case but another case as well. I felt like I was his only client and I was moved by his kindness and sensitivity to my situation. It was clear that he had thoroughly reviewed the documents I had forwarded. I know it took more than the 1 hour I paid for. He was clear, and succinct with regard to my options. I wish I had found him sooner. If you need an expert attorney, before you call anyone else, call Attorney Pines. He will not lead you astray. He’s a beacon of light and a restorer of hope.”


  • Outstanding legal representation from Eric Pines and his law firm!!

    “I highly recommend Pines Federal Law Firm. Attorney Eric Pines is one of Houston’s best Labor Law Attorneys. Attorney Pines represented me during my complex accommodation and equal employment opportunity case. He was very patient, extremely thorough, and knowledgeable of pertinent labor laws and practices. I was very pleased with how he kept me informed of the case throughout the entire process. I received a response to all of my questions, phone calls and emails by close of business during the duration of my case. His staff and Partners are exceptionally skilled and proficient. I am very satisfied with his services and the results that he achieved for my case. I definitely recommend Attorney Eric Pines as your Labor Law Attorney. He gets the job done!!”


  • I would strongly recommend Mr. Eric Pines to anyone who is in need of Legal advice.

    “Mr. Eric Pines was my Attorney that I hired to represent me in 2011, regarding a situation that could have cost me my career. The first thing Mr. Pines impressed me with, was how easy he was to talk too, and how he negotiated an affordable cost for his services. That also, gave me the option to use other representation in combination with him. He was very open with communicating the legal process. He explained every option I had or did not have and helped me feel safe throughout the process. He was easily contacted by phone or e-mail. I would strongly recommend Mr. Eric Pines to anyone who is in need of Legal advice regarding employment issues. Not only is he very competent but he truly cared about me as an individual, which is unusual in today’s society.”


  • Great balance of professionalism and being personable.

    “It has been a pleasure working with Ely Reizes. Ely worked with me to resolve a tough case in my favor. His guidance was easy to understand. Ely was thorough yet expeditious with a great balance of professionalism and being personable.”


  • Great Firm

    “For 9 years I tried on my own to get my years of Military Service credited to my civilian Federal Service for retirement, to no avail. I contacted five different Government agencies and all kept pointing fingers back and forth to the other for my information. After contacting Pines Federal and speaking with Mr. Eric Pines we sent a letter to OPM asking for reconsideration. After only two months I heard back from them and they said they were sending the matter to another Branch at OPM. After only one month we received a reply stating that they would allow me to buy back my time. After discussing the issue with Mr. Pines we decided that this would be my best alternative. I have paid back for more than six years of Active Duty and am expecting a payback check of over $40,000.00 and an increase of $400.00-$500.00 per month in my retirement annuity. My experience with Pines Federal has been a joy and pleasure and I would highly recommend this firm to anyone dealing with issues related to the Federal Government. Bravo Zulu, Pines Federal!!!”

    Thomas J. Gallagher

  • I would not be able to do it on my own. I highly recommend Pines Federal to anyone who needs legal help.

    “Justin Schnitzer represented me in an EEO case involving discrimination and retaliation issue at LV VAMC. EEO process is confusing and sometimes difficult to understand. Justin is very professional and knowledgeable attorney, lead me through the EEO with patience, understanding my emotional state and making sure that I understand all the actions taking place during the process. He was prompt to return my calls and responded ty my emails regarding all my questions throughout my case. I am happy with the results of my EEO case. I would not be able to do it on my own. I highly recommend Pines Federal to anyone who needs legal help. Justin Schnitzer did a wonderful job for me. Thank you.”


  • They have taken a huge load off my back.

    “Eric Pines represented me in an OWCP case. I was injured while on the job with USPS. They argued that I was not in the line of duty at the time. Eric Pines and his staff helped me from day one. I could not believe how quickly they were on board and working for my behalf. I am so pleased with the outcome of my case. Clearly going up against the Federal Government must not have been easy but Eric Pines and Gavriel Toso worked tirelessly for me and kept me in the loop the entire time. They were, not only, honest, skillful and informative; but they were empathetic and kind. They have taken a huge load off my back. Now Workers Comp. will pay my medical bills like they should have done in the first place. I am forever grateful!”


  • My first conversation with Mr. Eric Pines, I felt like someone really heard me and understood what I was facing.

    “When I was fired, I felt all alone, hopeless, confused, victimized and I noticed that there was no one within my agency could help me. My first conversation with Mr. Eric Pines, I felt like someone really heard me and understood what I was facing. From the first day I spoke with Mr. Pines, I no longer felt as thou I was in this by myself. Mr. Pines listen to me for four months and shared my pain. I’m trying not to be so personal but I can’t help it. As I write this review, I am literally crying tears of joy. I am so glad I had the opportunity to know him. He is the true example of a lawyer. He was extremely passionate, concern, knowledgeable and professional. Mr. Pines went at this case whole hearted and never gave up until I was vindicated. I have never met him and I can truly say I love him because he showed love for me first. Thank you so much for giving me a reason to live and go on. Also letting me know there are people out here who still care for others.”


  • His expert handling of my case saved my job.

    “Eric was honest and professional. Most of all he listened to what I had to say and handled the case in the manner I was comfortable. He asked my opinion and gave me his professional advice. He was with me every step of the way. During my oral response, he was available by phone and was able to help me clarify answers to some questions. His expert handling of my case saved my job. I would highly recommend Eric, especially for complex issues.”


  • He reviewed my case…..and I got everything due to me that I had asked for.

    “Mr. Pines was amazing. He reviewed my case, gave me some pointers and I took those pointers to the table and made sure to use his name as well and within an hour I had a settlement agreement that included everything I asked for and then some. He was incredibly supportive, amazingly knowledgeable and the consummate professional!”


  • He is an attorney with integrity and honesty.

    “Eric Pines represented me in an EEO case involving disability discrimination and harassment/retaliation involving my employer the V.A. The process of an EEO case for a federal worker is arduous and confusing. Mr. Pines helped me navigate through the process and explained every step in language I could understand. He was tough, knowledgeable, and stood his ground in his representation of me with the V.A. But, his interaction with me, his client, was empathetic and patient. It was clear he personally understood the emotional and personal loss associated with my case. He knew what I wanted most was acknowledgement and accountability from my employer. However, he understood that, in most cases, acknowledgement and accountability from the employer was a goal unlikely to be met. But, I got both from Mr. Pines; he acknowledged my grief, loss, and feelings of abandonment and promised me that we would get accountability by following through with the process of my case. He made good on that promise, and helped me feel empowered in the end. He negotiated a settlement for me so that I could move on with my life. Prior to my agreement with the settlement, Mr. Pines gave me all my options truthfully and candidly, disregarding any personal gain. In other words, he told me what my best options were regardless of any loss or additional gain to his practice. He is an attorney with integrity and honesty. If you have legal issues associated with Federal Employment I highly recommend Mr. Pines. I’m so thankful for his representation and assistance in one of the most difficult times in my life.”


  • If it wasn’t for Eric Pines & his amazing team I would have been defeated right at the beginning when EEO threw out my case.

    “Pines Federal has an exceptional legal team that fought for me against a corrupt military agency. If it wasn’t for Eric Pines & his amazing team I would have been defeated right at the beginning when EEO threw out my case. Gavriel Toso was assigned to me in the beginning & helped me get to the hearing that took years of the Agency stringing is along. When it came time to go to Hearing all the way in Alaska Amanda Moreno, Eric Pines & Stephen Goldenzweig rallied together to help me prepare for the big day we waited for years. Amanda Moreno traveled all the way from Texas to Alaska & she came prepared to win. I couldn’t have asked for a better litigator, she was a force in the courtroom & did not back down, she was thorough, and an expert in federal law. While waiting for my settlement Eric Pines stayed on top of the Agency to ensure we got updates, as it’s an incredibly slow process. The Pines legal team care about their clients & work tirelessly to the very end.”


  • Impressive

    “These reviews seem very relevant to the difficulties Federal Workers, and Military Veterans often experience when seeking out assistance. " It is impressive to see that there are Legal firms out there; whose primary concern; is not always; the bottom line.”