Helping Clients Fight Gender Discrimination in Federal Workplaces

Anyone can experience sex and gender discrimination in the workplace, but typically women and members of the LGBTQ+ community experience workplace discrimination more often. Unfortunately, gender discrimination is still a problem in workplaces despite state and federal mandates requiring employers to provide access and protection to all employees. If you have experienced a violation at work, you may need a gender discrimination lawyer in Houston with experience fighting these cases. At Pines Federal, our attorneys have many years of experience helping employees suffering gender discrimination fight for the justice they deserve. The experienced gender discrimination lawyers in our Houston office have comprehensive knowledge of the state and federal laws needed to understand the complexities of these civil rights cases. 

Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Gender discrimination cases are complex because gender discrimination can be manifested in many ways within the workplace. Federal employers act as at-will employers, which means they can terminate an employee for any legal reason. While a federal employer may terminate an employee for nearly any reason, they must ensure they have not violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act or the Federal Labor Code. These laws provide protections to ensure employers don’t discriminate based on gender or sex. 

Gender discrimination happens in the workplace in ways that may be considered subtle. However, these common examples are seen in workplaces across the country: 

  • Gender salary inequality when both parties are equally qualified to perform the assigned task
  • Employers encourage gender-based stereotypes regarding dress, behavior, and actions
  • Gender-based hiring, firing, promoting, and suspension

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Our society has progressed in many important ways, but unfortunately, gender discrimination is still happening in US workplaces. Our federal gender discrimination lawyers in Houston can help you with your case. Our staff’s experienced lawyers and paralegals can help you gather evidence and develop a strategy to represent your interests. Call now at (800) 801-0598 or contact us online for help!

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