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Veterans Affairs personnel, working in any capacity, can struggle to make sense of the laws and regulations surrounding personnel decisions, wage and hour matters, leave, and discrimination or disciplinary actions.

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As a Veterans Affairs employee you fall within unique laws and policies of the federal government — laws that sometimes mirror those that govern typical Federal Employees and at other times leave you with different, less, or unique rights.

We have you covered, whether your issue concerns:

  • AIB
  • DAB
  • PSB
  • EEO cases
  • MSPB-related issues

Our federal employment lawyers speak your language and have you covered with more than 20 years of experience representing V.A. Doctors and Nurses. Let our experience go to work for you, navigating the unique laws and regulations that apply to you specifically as Veteran Affairs Employees.

At Pines Federal , we represent Veterans Administration (VA) and Veterans Affairs Regional Office (VARO) employees by helping them understand their unique rights as well as all of their specific employment and personnel issues in this unique and complex area of employment law.

Veterans Affairs Doctors & Nurses Have Rights!

VA employees come under the authority of either Title 5 personnel or Title 38 personnel systems. Occasionally, they fall under both in a hybrid manner. Jurisdiction depends on the title or nature of your specific position. Due to the precise nature of the laws regarding your position, consulting with our knowledgeable federal employee lawyer can help define your future.

Our experience allows us to understand the differences of the varying federal employment practices, knowing how to handle matters involving:

  • Appealing adverse personnel decisions
  • Staffing decisions
  • Wage and hour issues
  • Privacy concerns
  • Leave
  • Discipline and discrimination in the workplace

We look forward to dealing with and resolving the intricacies and issues involved in your Title V, Title 38, or Hybrid personnel issues, as well as many other matters affecting VA employees.

Featured Case Result

VA physician received a proposed removal notice alleging their clinical practice was not up to VA standards. We were able to secure a settlement which included the client returning to work without any disciplinary actions. – Read more client success stories…

Disciplinary Matters

For disciplinary matters involving VA nurses, doctors, and other health care providers that are not related to professional conduct or competence, the VA will usually utilize an Administrative Investigations Board (AIB). The AIB is an investigatory body that will collect documentary evidence and interview people and present its findings. As your interview will be transcribed by a court reporter and can be used against you, you will want to be represented by an attorney throughout this process.

Ultimately, the AIB will make a recommendation to the Medical Center Director as to whether discipline should be taken against you. If disciplinary action is recommended, then it is likely that you will receive a proposal to discipline you, and you will have an opportunity to respond to the proposal both orally and in writing.

Attorneys from Pines Federal can help you with both your oral and written responses and have successfully helped many clients reduce (i.e. mitigate) the disciplinary penalty or eliminate the discipline altogether, which is important due to the presence of progressive discipline in the government.

Should the PSB find reasons to discipline you, an appeal may be made to the Disciplinary Appeals Board (DAB), where a formal hearing is held. You will need competent and highly experienced legal representation at the DAB hearing and through the process of your case.

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Besides representing hundreds of V.A. employees over the last twenty years, our federal employment firm has represented or has been in-house counsel to numerous federal AFGE local V.A. and VARO Unions. You have too much at stake to have an inexperienced law firm advising you regarding your employment and your future.

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