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If you are a federal employee and are disabled, injured, or ill and find that you are no longer capable of performing your job, you may be entitled to OPM disability retirement benefits. If you are anxious to submit your application to get financial security as quickly as possible, you might be wondering how long the OPM disability process will take. Our federal OPM disability retirement attorneys explain how long it typically takes to complete the OPM application process.

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OPM Disability Processing Time

The average OPM disability processing time can take as little as three months, from start to finish. At Pines Federal, we can complete applications in as little as six weeks. Completing the OPM application is an interactive and complex process that requires the OPM specialist to gather vital information from the applicant to draft documents. When you work closely with an experienced attorney, you can complete the application in a timely manner.

If you left your federal position over 30 days ago, you might still qualify for OPM disability. To submit your application, you will need to request forms from the federal agency you worked for. An experienced attorney can work with the federal agency to ensure that the documents are completed as quickly as possible to get your case processed.

Once you submit your OPM disability retirement application, you will need to wait an average of six to twelve months for it to be processed and to receive a decision. The disability retirement processing time may take shorter or longer depending on OPM’s backlog and the unique details of your application.

Experienced OPM Disability Retirement Attorneys

Our federal employment law attorneys have decades of experience helping clients with their OPM disability retirement cases. We know that even a minor error can affect the outcome of your case. For such reasons, we are dedicated to helping you obtain approval of your claim at the initial stage so that you can receive the retirement benefits you need without dealing with appeals. Our team has the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to help you get the best possible results for your case.

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