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Have you been experiencing a hostile work environment and aren’t exactly sure if you have a case? Do you have concrete proof that your employer is retaliating against you for speaking up about discrimination or harassment? Both of these situations are actually more common than you may believe—that’s why our experienced and knowledgeable lawyers at Pines Federal strive to fight for your rights when you feel you are being unfairly targeted. Though we have proudly been assisting workplace victims for over 20 years nationwide, we are among the top Houston federal employee attorneys thanks to our tenacity and refusal to quit fighting for you.

Oftentimes, retaliation stems from an employee being punished for reporting inappropriate behavior, participating in workplace investigations, or making complaints about harassment or discrimination. If you have a history of conflict with your employer and have noticed a change in the way you are being treated, you may have a case for workplace retaliation. You may forget that you have rights against certain kinds of retaliation, and we at Pines Federal are here to remind you of them.

When it comes to your rights, you can never be too sure—which is why the signs you should look out for include, but are not limited to:

  • Firing
  • Salary reduction
  • Reassignment
  • Denial of raise
  • Transfer
  • Shift change
  • Demotion
  • Poor performance review
  • Micromanagement
  • Exclusion from meetings

At Pines Federal, our reputation precedes us. We walk you step by step through the process of documenting retaliation with evidence, historical information, and proof that the behavior began after you complained or reported your employer. We help you build a case and fight against the injustice you are facing, starting with filing a complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Our goal is to protect your rights as much as possible. If you suspect you are being unfairly retaliated against, and are seeking proper legal representation from a Houston federal employee attorney that has your best interests at heart, look no further than calling us at (832) 533-3242 today.

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Eric L. Pines is a nationally recognized federal employment lawyer, mediator, and attorney business coach. He represents federal employees and acts as in-house counsel for over fifty thousand federal employees through his work as a federal employee labor union representative.

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