Federal employers must provide workers with reasonable accommodation if they have a qualifying disability.

There are many accommodation options available, depending on the severity of the disability and other factors. For example, disabled employees can request telecommuting or work from home, and they can also request physical accommodations in the workplace. Another common request employees ask for is a schedule reduction of their full-time position.

A reduced work schedule means permitting an employee to work less hours than they would normally work in a week at their request.

Our federal reasonable accommodations attorneys explain if disabled workers can request work schedule reductions as a reasonable accommodation.

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Requesting a Reduced Work Schedule as a Reasonable Accommodation

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), an employer can’t deny a modified work schedule as a reasonable accommodation unless the employer can demonstrate why the employee is needed on a full-time schedule. The employer can’t merely state that anything less than full-time employment is unreasonable. They will need to provide qualifying evidence to the ADA to prove that you can’t perform your job responsibilities with a reduced work schedule.

A disabled employee can request adjusting arrival or departure times, providing periodic breaks, altering when certain functions are performed, and the use of accrued paid leave.

What Happens If My Employer Denies My Request?

In some cases, an employer can prove that modifications to your work schedule will disrupt their operations and cause undue hardship.

If this occurs, the employer must consider reassignment to a vacant position that would allow the employee to work during the hours requested.

You need an experienced federal employment law attorney on your side if your employer continues to deny your requests and fails to make the necessary changes to comply.

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