lack of candor federal charges

Federal employees play an essential role in the operation of our government. Thanks to their dedication, all the government services we take for granted keep running effectively. And because of their essential duties, federal employees deserve protection from baseless allegations and false accusations.

Unfortunately, many federal employees are facing charges of lack of candor. This charge can put their jobs, careers, and professional reputations at risk.

If you’ve been charged with lack of candor as a federal employee, take a moment to educate yourself on the lack of candor charge. Then consult a successful federal MSPB employment law firm to clear your name and preserve your reputation.

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What Is Lack of Candor?

Lack of candor refers to a situation where a federal employee fails to provide complete and accurate information in response to a lawful inquiry. Lack of candor includes not only verbal interactions but also written statements and the failure to provide complete documents to a government agency.

Federal employees can face lack of candor charges in a number of different contexts, such as during an investigation, during a security clearance process, or during an administrative hearing. Whatever the circumstances, lack of candor charges can be devastating to a federal employee’s career and reputation. As a result, they must be taken seriously.

Is Lack of Candor the Same as Falsification?

No. Falsification is a more serious charge that asserts that the employee made an intentional misrepresentation. In other words, falsification refers to lying. To succeed on a falsification charge, your employer needs to prove that you possessed a specific intent to deceive them. Proving intent is very difficult. As a result, administrative courts have overturned many agency actions.

Lack of candor, on the other hand, does not include an intent element. That means your agency need only prove that you failed to give complete evidence. Agencies typically regard lack of candor as a charge that is relatively easy to prove. But with experienced legal assistance, you can effectively contest it before the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB). 

How to Fight a Lack of Candor Charge

If you are facing lack of candor charges as a federal employee, it is essential you take quick action to preserve your rights and career. Your first step should be to collect any evidence that relates to the charge. Relevant evidence may include documents, emails, office memos, and instant messaging conversations. Audio or visual recordings of related events will also prove vital down the road.

Once you have assembled some relevant evidence, you should seek the help of an experienced attorney. Many people may be reluctant to consult an attorney, but it is essential.

Lack of candor charges are rarely straightforward, and there may be multiple procedural defenses available to you. For instance, it may be that your employer failed to properly advise you of your rights or failed to follow proper procedures when proposing discipline. An attorney will be able to spot these issues and develop a plan of action. 

Ideally, you want to consult a federal employment attorney who understands the complexities of federal employment law. Another trait of an ideal attorney is a clear history of successful appeals on behalf of federal employees who face lack of candor charges.

Contact a Federal Employment Attorney For Help

We know you’ve dedicated your life to serving our country. Consequently, you deserve protection from bogus allegations and improper disciplinary actions. If you are facing lack of candor charges, then you’ll want to reach out to Pines Federal Employment Attorneys.

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