Pines Federal

Eric Pines

Eric L. Pines, a nationally recognized federal employment attorney, stands out for his extensive experience in MSPB cases. As a former federal employee, Pines brings a unique perspective to his practice. He has a notable history of representing federal employees, particularly in matters before the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB). His expertise includes handling disciplinary actions and other complex employment disputes within the federal sector. Pines’ commitment to federal employees extends beyond legal representation, as he actively serves as in-house counsel for numerous federal employee labor unions, further enriching his understanding and advocacy in MSPB matters.

Gilbert Employment Law, P.C.

Edward Passman

Edward H. Passman, senior counsel of Gilbert Employment Law, P.C., is a highly experienced attorney specializing in federal employment law, with a particular focus on MSPB cases. Holding a law degree from Harvard University and an MBA from UCLA, Passman began his career with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS). He later worked for the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), AFL-CIO. In private practice since 1977, he concentrates on civil service, labor, and employment discrimination law. Passman represents federal and District of Columbia employees and labor unions in various courts, including the Supreme Court of the United States, and before administrative agencies like the MSPB. His expertise in MSPB matters is complemented by his authorship of several published articles and chapters related to federal employment law.

Law Offices of Lauren Abrams

Lauren Abrams

Lauren Mayo-Abrams, founder of the Law Offices of Lauren Abrams, has been a dedicated advocate for employee rights since 1998. A graduate of the University of Southern California with a J.D. and a Masters in Communications, she specializes in all aspects of employment litigation. Mayo-Abrams has achieved numerous successful verdicts and settlements, and her expertise spans wrongful termination, whistleblower and retaliation, discrimination, harassment, and wage and hour violations. She is a recognized voice in employment law, contributing to various media outlets and professional associations.

Law Office of Ronald P. Ackerman

Ronald Ackerman

Ronald Ackerman, at the helm of his own law practice, is a seasoned attorney with a deep focus on representing federal employees, particularly in MSPB-related cases. His journey in law began as a Special Agent with the Department of Immigration and Naturalization Service, later integrated into the Department of Homeland Security. Ackerman’s unique blend of experience as a federal employee and union leader has honed his expertise in federal employment law. He has a strong track record in handling complex cases before administrative bodies like the Merit Systems Protection Board, where he champions the rights of federal employees facing workplace challenges.

Law Office of William Brawner

William Brawner

William H. Brawner, leading his Southern California-based law office, is distinguished for his expertise in federal employment law, with a special emphasis on MSPB cases. His practice is dedicated to advocating for federal and postal employees, addressing a spectrum of work-related legal issues. Brawner’s proficiency in navigating the intricacies of MSPB proceedings is a cornerstone of his practice. He provides robust legal representation to federal employees, guiding them through the complexities of disciplinary actions and other employment disputes before the Merit Systems Protection Board.

Pines Federal

Amanda Moreno

Amanda Moreno is a Supervising Litigation Attorney at Pines Federal with a decade of experience in federal employment law. Her litigation experience and compassionate approach have consistently led to positive results for her clients, including significant financial recoveries. Amanda’s legal foundation was built through early roles as a law clerk and at Legal Aid, progressing to extensive litigation experience in New York’s courts. Now, as Supervising Attorney, she combines her litigation skills with leadership, managing a team of attorneys and contributing to the firm’s reputation for excellence.