Pines Federal

Eric Pines

Eric L. Pines, a prominent federal employment attorney who practices in Atlanta, is renowned for his extensive experience in representing federal employees. As a former federal employee himself, Pines offers a unique perspective in his practice. He specializes in a broad range of federal employment matters, including MSPB cases, employment discrimination, and disability retirement. His expertise also extends to serving as a mediator and expert witness in federal court, demonstrating his comprehensive understanding of federal employment law.

Pines Federal

Amand Moreno

In her role as Supervising Litigation Attorney at Pines Federal, Amanda Moreno brings unparalleled experience in federal employment law, garnered from a rich career litigating in New York’s courts. Her focus on federal employment disputes, particularly through EEO and MSPB Hearings, has not only resulted in significant recoveries for her clients but also established her as a mentor and leader among her peers. Her ascendancy to a supervisory position, overseeing 18 attorneys, underscores her proficiency and commitment to upholding the rights of federal employees through strategic litigation and negotiation.

Pines Federal

Michael Kleinman

Michael Kleinman, an attorney at Pines Federal in Atlanta, is known for his meticulous approach to federal employment law. His expertise extends to federal disability employment benefits, drawing on his experience in Social Security Disability Benefits. Kleinman’s dedication to each case ensures personalized and effective legal representation for federal employees.

Southworth PC

Shaun Southworth

Shaun C. Southworth, founder of Southworth PC in Atlanta, GA, is a distinguished attorney specializing in federal employment law. Graduating with honors from Duke University School of Law, he has amassed extensive experience in litigating against major governmental agencies. Southworth’s commitment to his clients is evident in his successful track record, particularly in cases involving complex federal employment issues.

Fidlon Legal, PC

Gregory Fidlon

Gregory R. Fidlon, practicing exclusively in employment law since 1998, is a founding attorney at Fidlon Legal in Atlanta. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School, Fidlon brings a wealth of experience in handling a wide range of employment-related cases, including discrimination claims and wage disputes. His approach is marked by thoroughness and a deep understanding of the complexities of employment law.

The Devadoss Law Firm

Bobby Devadoss

Bobby Devadoss, an attorney at The Devadoss Law Firm in Atlanta, is renowned for his dedication to serving government employees. With a strong focus on federal employment law, Devadoss is committed to providing robust representation in cases involving labor law, discrimination, and whistleblower protection. His approach is characterized by hard work and a deep commitment to the rights of federal employees.