When our client worked as a dual-status employee for the Wyoming National Guard, she became a new mother. As a result, she experienced intensified harassment and became aware of a pervasive, hostile work environment against women. Because she was a new mom, she was accused of being unable to do her job as a squadron commander. After reporting her concerns, she was fired. Afterward, she began the legal nightmare of dealing with the Wyoming National Guard.

The Wyoming National Guard Disregards the Legal System

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) cited the Wyoming National Guard for failure to participate in a complaint hearing, and it ruled that the employer owed our wrongfully terminated client at least $600,000 in lost wages and legal fees. Despite this ruling, the Wyoming National Guard claims it was not wrong to fire our client, and it has not paid her a cent.

As a result, Senator Anthony Bouchard held a press conference about our client’s case, encouraging action against the state’s National Guard. According to K2 Radio, the press conference aims to put public pressure on the Office of Federal Operations Appeals (OFOA). The goal is to enforce the EEOC’s order and get the head of the Wyoming National Guard to testify before the EEOC.

During the press conference, our client spoke and shared her story, which has been unfolding for the past 9 years. She accused the Wyoming government of “turning a blind eye” to women in the National Guard and their “pleas for help.” Our client called the Wyoming National Guard a “boy’s club” that requires women to compromise themselves sexually to advance.

Without accountability,” she said tearfully, “there will be no justice.”

Attorney Stephen Goldenzweig was proud to stand by our client while she delivered her moving and emotional speech. After she spoke, he shared his story of becoming involved with the case and the Wyoming National Guard’s “blatant disregard of our legal system.”

Never Backing Down

Our firm is dedicated to representing our client’s rights. Attorney Goldenzweig also applauded her for standing up to the National Guard’s fierce opposition and roadblocks from federal agencies. With Pines Federal, our client will continue to speak up, and Senator Bouchard’s press conference served as an important part of spreading awareness about our client’s case.

We hope to see forward momentum in this important case, which has captured Senator Bouchard’s attention and should capture the public’s attention, as well.

In the meantime, we remain committed to all our clients – new and existing.

Raise Your Voice. We Can Help.

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