Advocating to Secure the Rights of Federal Employees in Maryland

At Pines Federal , our federal employment attorneys based in Baltimore have been representing federal employees for more than 20 years. Backed by a proven record of success, our professional federal employee rights advocates have the skill and sophisticated knowledge to provide you with top-tier representation in your case.

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Federal employment law is a complicated patchwork of rules and regulations that touch on every federal occupation. The intricate and often convoluted nature of federal employment regulations and guidelines can overwhelm employees and employment law attorneys who don’t have experience in federal employment litigation. Luckily, our legal team has dedicated our practice to representing employees in a myriad of federal employment cases.

Learn more about the specific Federal employment cases we have experience litigating, such as:

Upholding Justice for Federal Employees

With offices strategically located across the country, Pines Federal has the national reach to represent various federal employees. In addition to disability-related issues, we have a thorough understanding of OWCP or federal workers’ compensation cases. We represent injured federal employees before administrative bodies, such as the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) in cases where removal was based on disability discrimination.

Moreover, we have deep insight into removal procedures for Veterans Administration medical professionals who are subject to special peer review panels such as the Disciplinary Appeals Board (DAB) and Professional Standards Board (PSB).

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