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Did you know that your federal agency can remove or terminate you for “Medical Inability to Perform” the Essential Functions of Your Position? Believe it or not this can be a great thing for the right person at the right time.

Why would it be great you ask? Well, if you truly cannot perform the essential functions of your assigned position, as detailed by your position description, then you may want to seek Federal Disability Retirement through OPM. OPM Disability can be a very good thing as it pays you 60% of your salary the first year and then carries you at 40% of your salary until age 62. The entire time you can work in another job as long as the duties are different and you do not make over 80% of your previous salary.

So what is so special about Medical Inability? OPM has determined that if you are removed from your position for Medical Inability then you are entitled to the “Bruner Presumption” which can greatly increase your possibility of obtaining Federal Disability Retirement.

If you are looking for a firm with deep understanding of these principles who has experience working with federal agency’s to work towards a proper form of removal than we are happy to speak with you at the Law Offices of Eric L. Pines, PLLC.

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Eric L. Pines is a nationally recognized federal employment lawyer, mediator, and attorney business coach. He represents federal employees and acts as in-house counsel for over fifty thousand federal employees through his work as a federal employee labor union representative.

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