Am I Eligible for FEHB Coverage Once I am approved for OPM Disability Retirement?

Health insurance coverage is a major concern for OPM Disability Retirement applicants. While insurance premiums can drain any budget, an established disability generally means more medical care with all the associated costs, and a good health insurance plan is vital.

How do you know whether you’ll be relieved of the financial outlay involved with private health insurance once you get approved for OPM Disability Retirement?

Eligibility is fulfilled if you enrolled in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHB) or other similar program at the first opportunity and was then continuously covered by the program throughout your federal employment, OR if you were continuously covered by FEHB for five years immediately prior to retiring.

It is always a good idea to confirm with your Human Resources department regarding your eligibility, since there may be other details that can factor in to the conclusion. Engaging an experienced law firm is another recommended step when dealing with the complex and nuanced criteria for OPM Disability Retirement. Contact Pines Federal at 800-801-0598 for skilled guidance in all areas of the OPM Disability Retirement application process.

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