Protecting the Rights of Federal Employees in Los Angeles

At Pines Federal, we take great pride in confidently handling a variety of complex employment issues affecting federal employees.

We have successfully fought cases that resulted in overturned suspensions, mandated back pay, and reinstated employment.

Trust our decades of experience for your federal employment case, such as:

  • Adverse Action
  • Disability Representation
  • Union Representation
  • Merit Systems Protection Board Representation
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Cases
  • Federal Whistleblower Defense

VA Federal Employees

Veterans Affairs employees fall within unique laws and policies of the federal government. Title 5 employees include any non-medical personnel while Title 38 employees include medical personnel such as doctors and nurses. In addition to these two employment categories, some jobs are considered a Title 38 Hybrid. These positions include physical therapist, pharmacist, and licensed practical/vocational nurse. Hybrids are covered by Title 38 for appointment, advancement, and certain pay matters, and Title 5 for performance appraisal, hours of duty, adverse actions, reemployment rights, and reduction-in-force, among others.

The laws governing VA employees are the same as other federal employees in some areas but are different in others and can be particular to the VA employee type. At Pines Federal, we have a discerning and deep understanding of the rights and responsibilities of VA employees.

Our experience can help you with:

  • Administrative Investigations Board
  • Disciplinary Appeals Board
  • Professional Standards Board
  • Equal Employment Opportunity cases
  • Merit Systems Protection Board issues

Employees facing disciplinary action have a champion at Pines Federal. We can help you with both your oral and written responses. The presence of progressive discipline in government is one reason why you need highly skilled legal help in these cases. We will fight to reduce the disciplinary penalty or eliminate it all together. If action has been taken against you, our seasoned litigators can vigorously represent you during an appeal to the Disciplinary Appeals Board (DAB).

Justice for the Disabled

We are a firm that represents all types of federal employees, but we have a special interest in defending those dealing with disability-related issues. We are confident in our ability to represent our clients in Disability Reasonable Accommodation cases before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

There also are times when a federal employee can no longer work because of a disability. If the disability is expected to last at least one year and prohibits the employee from fulfilling their job, they are eligible for a benefit of 60% of pre-disability income for the first year and 40% every year thereafter while disabled. This benefit can last as long as the disability continues. We handle these Office of Personnel Management Disability Retirement applications. If you have applied for OPM Disability Retirement and been denied, we can argue on your behalf during appeals.

Reputation for Success

Our team at Pines Federal has been assisting clients nationwide for more than two decades. We have earned a reputation for being steadfast and talented advocates to employees of federal agencies. Our clients and their needs always come first, and we are ready to fight on your behalf in court should the need arise.

If you have any questions about how we can help you, please contact us at any time through our online form or by calling (800) 801-0598.