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Blog Posts in January, 2017

  • Pretext Part 1: The Real Reason For An Adverse Action

    We virtually never see cases where an agency acts against a federal employee for an openly discriminatory reason. Supervisors, after all, are smart enough not to write “I didn’t give Suzy a WGI because she refused to go on a date with me” on a performance review. Instead, when supervisors or managers have it in for an employee, they come up with plausible sounding reasons – “pretexts” – for an ...
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  • How Important Is The Doctor's Letter For OPM Disability Retirement When I Have A Mental Disability?

    Individuals with mental disabilities, such as Anxiety, Depressive Disorder, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, rarely come along with a medical file of irrefutable diagnostic evidence of the existence of said conditions. There are no X-rays or laboratory tests that will provide black-and-white proof of these diagnoses, leaving the burden of the decision up to the treating physician. When faced ...
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  • How Does Veterans Disability Interact with OPM Disability Retirement?

    There are numerous Federal programs which, collectively, can offer generous benefits to eligible individuals, and all that is required to flesh out the maximum benefit is sufficient understanding to distinguish between each one. The above title represents a common Federal program interplay concern among disabled vets who have either established a service-connected disability and are receiving ...
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