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Blog Posts in July, 2015

  • From The FERS Disability Victory Files!

    Congratulations to our most recent FERS disability awardee – an internal revenue agent who suffers from degenerative disc disease . We are delighted that we were able to assist this client throughout the entire application process and that we were able to help him secure these important benefits for him and his family. If you’d like to discuss the merits of your disability claim, please don’t ...
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  • Medical Inability to Perform

    Did you know that your federal agency can remove or terminate you for “Medical Inability to Perform” the Essential Functions of Your Position? Believe it or not this can be a great thing for the right person at the right time. Why would it be great you ask? Well, if you truly cannot perform the essential functions of your assigned position, as detailed by your position description, then you may ...
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  • Medical Inability - No Thanks

    What if you are removed from your federal position for “Medical Inability” against your will and your desires? Well, the agency must have some very good evidence to back up its case or you can head over to the MSPB (if you are not serving a probationary appointment) and appeal that removal to the Merit Systems Protection Board. The case law lays out a clear standard that your employer must meet as ...
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    For most of its history, the Employee Compensation Appeals Board (ECAB) has, in about 60% of instances, rubber stamped what OWCP has asked for. Even in the 40% of cases where it remanded or changed the decision, it granted OWCP complete latitude as to how to correct deficiencies in its own decisions. This has recently begun to change. In two decisions, one obtained by this firm on March 24, 2015, ...
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