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Blog Posts in February, 2015

  • From The OPM Disability Victory Files!

    We recently assisted a federal licensed practical nurse (LPN) with his FERS disability claim. He suffers from several, chronic, spinal/structural medical conditions, including lumbar disc degeneration, cervical disc degeneration, migraine headaches, and arthritis of the right knee. As is typical for these types of disabling conditions, this employee possesses a staggering amount of medical ...
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  • 7 Examples of Cases That a VA Attorney Can Help You Win 7 Examples of Cases That a VA Attorney Can Help You Win

    The Department of Veteran’s Affairs is designed to help our nation’s bravest heroes live their best lives after serving our country. Unfortunately, navigating the VA’s bureaucracy poses many obstacles and creates confusion. Here are 7 ways an experienced federal employment attorney can help you achieve your goals, obtain benefits that you deserve and help you feel back in control: 1. VA Attorneys ...
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  • Many OWCP Recipients Should Apply for OPM Disability also!

    Why would a federal employee who is off work and being paid 66% or 75% of their salary tax free want to apply for OPM Federal Disability Retirement benefits that pay 60% for the first year and 40% thereafter until age 62? Why take a downgrade? These are questions we get asked a lot at The Law Offices of Eric L. Pines, PLLC. The answer is you should not take a downgrade and switch to OPM Disability ...
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    Every age in medical history has its contested diagnoses. 30 years ago, Carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel and radial tunnel syndromes, were considered chimeras or false diagnoses. Now they are some of the most widely treated illnesses, by both the medical profession and OWCP. More recently, medical conditions in which pain itself is the disease, have taken their place. Chronic pain illnesses come in ...
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