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Blog Posts in December, 2013

  • V.A. Title 38 Nurse Has AIB Charges Dropped and Record Cleaned!

    The Pines Law Firm(The Law Offices of Eric L. Pines, PLLC), led by Eric Pines, Esq. and Stephen Goldenzweig successfully represented V.A. Nurse in AIB Hearing and assisted the Nurse with having his records cleaned and charges dropped. The Nurse had been wrongfully accused of beating elderly patients, however, the V.A. had no evidence whatsoever to support its charges. Instead, the V.A. used the ...
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  • Intake questions I ask my Federal Employee Clients (Disability Related)

    One of the most common situations I encounter as a federal employee attorney/lawyer is when an employee suffering from some type of traumatic injury, medical condition or disability contacts my law offices and tells me that he or she is suffering from some type of illness or disability that is effecting his or her ability to perform some or all of the duties of his federal job. I usually follow up ...
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  • Why am I Federal Employee Attorney who Concentrates on Federal Employee Disability Representation

    You know you wanted to askā€¦ Why would anyone decide to be a federal employee attorney who concentrates on federal employee disability related law? Ok, maybe you do not really care. Maybe you are a federal employee who has a disability and has some important issue that you just googled and this blog came up. Well, either way you are going to hear my answer. If you are reading this then you probably ...
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