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Blog Posts in March, 2009

  • Federal Employees: Will the ADA Amendments Act affect OPM Disability Retirement claims?

    A thought occurred to me recently, and I thought I’d post my initial conclusion here – I’m sure I will post more on this topic as my thought and case law develops.Effective January 1, 2009, the Americans with Disabilities Amendment Act went into effect. The changes in the amendment are substantial – without going into too much detail here, the Act restores the original intent of the ADA: to remove ...
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  • MSPB & EEOC Damages: What Damages are available for discrimination claims?

    Three words of caution. First, this is a really long post. Please read it carefully and frequently for a better understanding of this topic. Second, understand that this is a very high level summary of damages for discrimination claims. Entire law school classes are spent teaching how to classify and prove damages. Third, understanding damages for discrimination claims requires a lot of research, ...
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  • EEOC: AJ Issues Finding of Discrimination as Sanction Against Agency.

    A client of the Law Offices of Eric L. Pines, PLLC recently learned that an Administrative Judge of the EEOC was issuing a “Default Judgment” and finding of sexual harassment discrimination against a Federal Agency. The Default Judgment is a sanction for the Agency’s repeated failure, over approximately 2.5 months, to respond to the Administrative Judge’s Order to provide a copy of the ...
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