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Blog Posts in December, 2007

  • MSPB: What is a coerced retirement?

    There are several types of appeals which can be made to the MSPB which are “constructive” in nature. A constructive action occurs when the Agency didn’t actually take an action but can still be held liable as if they took the action. One example of a constructive action is a constructive suspension. Another type of constructive action is the coerced retirement. Typically, the MSPB does not have ...
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  • Federal Employee EEOC: Third-party and Bystander Sexual harassment.

    Most employees do not know that they do not have to be the actual victim of a “sexual harasser” to be harmed by sexual harassment. People who are not the target of sexual harassment but who work in environments where sex harassment is occurring can file “third party” and “bystander” harassment suits. These types of claims can be filed by men or women. There are two types of third-party sexual ...
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  • The Prejudice against Mental Health.

    The general public is not nearly as sympathetic to disabling mental health conditions as they are to disabling physical conditions. That’s the prejudice that those who suffer from mental health conditions are up against. I was reminded of this in a recent hearing. Our client had a severe mental health condition, and had been out of work for several weeks to seek treatment of this condition – she ...
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