We Protect the Rights of Federal Employees

At Pines Federal, our attorneys provide government employees with representation in most MSPB employment cases. So, whether your employment dispute is unwarranted, unjust, arbitrary, or discriminatory in nature, our attorneys can help. How we begin will depend on the nature of your case and your employment status.

If you’re a part of a bargaining unit, in probationary status, or hold a supervisory position, our MSPB lawyers can litigate your case. We can review the details of your case and begin planning right away.

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Committed to Our Clients

Our attorneys bring unmatched experience, dedication, tenacity, sensitivity, and personal commitment to the table for every individual we represent.

Stellar Reputation

Our firm has garnered a reputation as committed advocates for representing employees of any federal agency with an emphasis on helping disability and veterans administration employees.

Proven Record of Success

Our attorneys have been fiercely protecting the rights of employees for decades and have a stunning track record and a proven success rate.

Tailored Approach to Your Case

Our attorneys will listen to your case, provide an honest assessment, answer all your questions and concerns, and create a custom strategy to provide the best possible outcome.

Our Team

At Pines Federal, we genuinely care about helping our clients, because we understand that federal employees face unique legal challenges. That is why as federal employment attorneys, we exclusively assist federal employees with any case, no matter how complex.

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