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The United States Office of Personnel Management, or OPM, manages the affairs of the U.S. civilian service. It offers many benefits to federal employees, including specialized disability compensation.

OPM disability retirement is designed to help federal workers who have become disabled. The benefits are far-reaching. It is not a worker’s compensation program, so your injury does not need to be job-related. You could have become disabled in an unrelated matter and still receive help. You can even continue to work another job and receive the OPM benefits. In special cases, even termination from your federal job does not disqualify you from this disability compensation.

Moreover, your disability does not need to be severe. If your ability to perform any task related to your federal position has been impaired, you may be eligible for OPM disability retirement. As long as you have confirmation from your physician or supervisor, you may be deserving of benefits.

At Pines Federal, we have decades of experience in helping workers with matters of federal employment law. We can help you file for OPM disability compensation, and we will stand by your side throughout the process.

If you need help with OPM disability in San Jose, call us today at (888) 898-9902 for a free consultation. We can review your case and help determine your eligibility.

Your Rights to OPM Benefits

OPM disability is granted by two separate acts. Under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), you may be eligible for benefits after 18 months of work. The Civil Service Retirement Service (CSRS) grants benefits to workers of five years or more. Regardless of how long you have been a federal employee, our firm can help you seek the support you need.

OPM Disability Services

Our firm has the skill to walk you through every step of the process.

We can help with:

  • Drafting Your Request

With our decades of experience, we know the correct legal language needed to apply for benefits. We will work closely with you, making sure your needs are accurately represented. Our goal is to stay true to your story while helping to write your request appropriately. We want to ensure that it goes through unhindered.

  • Preexisting Conditions

It’s no secret that benefit providers often look for any excuse to deny payouts. If you have preexisting conditions, they can be used to justify a denial. In theory, prior illnesses should not matter in an OPM disability request. Let us help guide you in this matter, working toward getting you the benefits you need.

  • Keeping You Working

OPM benefits can be granted even if you continue to work. You may not be able to perform all your prior tasks, but you are still productive in other ways. We can help keep you eligible for work, even if you can no longer do your prior job.

  • Managing the Paperwork

Any legal matter requires a long trail of paperwork, especially on the federal level. Any small mistake can lead to a denial, and we can help prevent that. We know exactly what needs to be filled out, when it is due, and how to submit it. Our team can keep track of the piles of paperwork moving both ways, helping you avoid stress. We can prepare letters from your physician and supervisor, demonstrating your need for compensation.


Pines Federal can help increase your chances of being approved. If you happen to be denied, we will continue to work hard for you. We can represent you at this second stage, appealing to the OPM. If necessary, we can move the appeal forward to the Merit Systems Protection Board, or MSPB.

The MSPB is there to makes sure you retain your position based on merit. Personal and partisan disagreements have no place in a disability decision. If your denial appears to be the result of targeted aggression, we can fight for you.

For all your OPM disability retirement needs in San Jose, trust Pines Federal. For a free consultation, call (888) 898-9902 or contact us online.

A Firm You Can Trust

  • Committed to Our Clients

    Our attorneys bring unmatched experience, dedication, tenacity, sensitivity, and personal commitment to the table for every individual we represent.

  • Stellar Reputation

    Our firm has garnered a reputation as committed advocates for representing employees of any federal agency with an emphasis on helping disability and veterans administration employees.

  • Proven Record of Success

    Our attorneys have been fiercely protecting the rights of employees for decades and have a stunning track record and a proven success rate.

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    Our attorneys will listen to your case, provide an honest assessment, answer all your questions and concerns, and create a custom strategy to provide the best possible outcome.

  • Over 50 Years of Combined Experience

    Our seasoned litigation lawyers have decades of experience and are ready to fight on your behalf in court should the need arise.

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  • Pines Federal law firm was great in helping me with a legal issue I had and helped to put my mind at ease.

    “As a paralegal for the MSPB, I know first hand how challenging dealing with legal issues can be. Pines Federal law firm was great in helping me with a legal issue I had and helped to put my mind at ...”

    - Yolanda
  • Pines Federal Law Firm is a grateful blessing to my life.

    “Pines Federal Law Firm is a grateful blessing to my life. They have been so good to me! Eric, Josh and Michael took time to listen to my concerns about my EEO discrimination case against DHS. They ...”

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  • There is no comparison between the other firms I interviewed. If you need a firm to understand complex government processes.

    “I worked with Josh Kahn for over a year on my case against the Department of Veterans Affairs. He and the law firm believed in my case and prepared outstanding legal documents, depositional inquiries, ...”

    - Dr. West
  • Amazing! Just what the Doctor Ordered!

    “Eric Pines is simply Amazing! I am a physician working for the federal government and when I was recently facing an adverse action, the founding partner of Pines Federal, Eric Pines, took on my case ...”

    - Dr. K
  • I’m glad I had Eric Pines by my side.

    “I applied for Medical Disability from OPM and was denied. I found the Eric Pines Law firm to help me with my appeal through an internet search. Eric and Scott listened to me and help me get approved. ...”

    - Lilia

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