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If you are a federal employee who is unable to work due to disability, injury, or illness, you may qualify for disability retirement benefits from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM). It’s also possible that you’re unable to work because your manager or supervisor determined you were unable to perform an essential function of your work responsibilities. In this case, you may also qualify for the OPM Disability program.

If your OPM disability claim was denied, contact our San Diego OPM disability lawyers. We can review your case to determine if pursing an appeal is a good option for you.

Social Security Disability vs. OPM Disability

Social Security and OPM disability have very different qualifications for receiving benefits. When it comes to applying for the Social Security disability program, you will need proof that you are completely disabled and unable to work as a result. When applying for the OPM disability program, you do not need to be totally disabled. Rather, a physician must determine that you are unable to perform at least one essential function of the job in order to qualify for OPM.

Another difference between these two programs comes in the form of job-related injuries. To receive Social Security disability, you must be able to prove that the injury, disability, or disease stemmed from actions that occurred within the work environment. OPM, on the other hand, does not require that the disability stem from a job-related injury or disease. Further differentiating these two types of disability is the fact that employees with a pending OPM disability retirement application are still permitted to work, even if they are currently receiving benefits.

Special circumstances concerning your claim may warrant professional guidance. At Pines Federal, we can help you:

  • address preexisting conditions when filing a new claim;
  • draft reports on disabling conditions that prevent you from performing essential functions of your job;
  • properly prepare and submit doctor’s letters;
  • maintain your eligibility to perform work tasks unrelated to your current position; and/or
  • seek a federal disability retirement annuity, which would pay you a portion of your salary until the age of 62.

Why Choose Us?

We understand that going up against your employer can be intimidating, especially for an employee in the federal sector. We want to take the load off your back by communicating with your agency on your behalf. Here are a few reasons federal employees choose us:

  • Tailored Approach – Each case is different. We don’t try to apply another client’s success to your case. We understand that your circumstance is unique to you, and we tailor our approach accordingly.
  • Trustworthy Reputation – When it comes to legal representation, you need an attorney you can trust, especially given the sensitive nature of these cases. We don’t take that trust lightly, and we go above and beyond to keep your personal information private.
  • Vast Experience – Our team of litigation attorneys is ready to fight on your behalf, no matter the case, no matter the time! In fact, we continue to be one of the only firms that handles Title 38 VA doctors and nurses.

Reach us via phone to learn more about our OPM disability services: (888) 898-9902

A Firm You Can Trust

  • Committed to Our Clients

    Our attorneys bring unmatched experience, dedication, tenacity, sensitivity, and personal commitment to the table for every individual we represent.

  • Stellar Reputation

    Our firm has garnered a reputation as committed advocates for representing employees of any federal agency with an emphasis on helping disability and veterans administration employees.

  • Proven Record of Success

    Our attorneys have been fiercely protecting the rights of employees for decades and have a stunning track record and a proven success rate.

  • Tailored Approach to Your Case

    Our attorneys will listen to your case, provide an honest assessment, answer all your questions and concerns, and create a custom strategy to provide the best possible outcome.

  • Over 50 Years of Combined Experience

    Our seasoned litigation lawyers have decades of experience and are ready to fight on your behalf in court should the need arise.

  • Successfully Fights Alleged Violation of Last Chance Agreement Reinstated
  • V.A. Title 38 Nurse Has AIB Charges Dropped and Record Cleaned Charges Dropped
  • OPM Disability Acceptance Disability Awarded
  • OPM Disability Acceptance Disability Awarded
  • OPM Disability Acceptance Disability Awarded
  • Client Suffering from Severe Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Disability Awarded
  • Win! Pines Federal Firm Overturns DAB – 14 Day Suspension with Full Back Pay Suspension Removed & Back Pay
  • OPM Disability Acceptance Disability Awarded
  • OPM Disability Acceptance Disability Awarded
  • Wrongfully Terminated Veterans Administration Employee Gets Job Back Reinstated with Full Back Pay

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Testimonials From Former Clients
  • Pines Federal law firm was great in helping me with a legal issue I had and helped to put my mind at ease.

    “As a paralegal for the MSPB, I know first hand how challenging dealing with legal issues can be. Pines Federal law firm was great in helping me with a legal issue I had and helped to put my mind at ...”

    - Yolanda
  • Pines Federal Law Firm is a grateful blessing to my life.

    “Pines Federal Law Firm is a grateful blessing to my life. They have been so good to me! Eric, Josh and Michael took time to listen to my concerns about my EEO discrimination case against DHS. They ...”

    - Yolanda H.
  • There is no comparison between the other firms I interviewed. If you need a firm to understand complex government processes.

    “I worked with Josh Kahn for over a year on my case against the Department of Veterans Affairs. He and the law firm believed in my case and prepared outstanding legal documents, depositional inquiries, ...”

    - Dr. West
  • Amazing! Just what the Doctor Ordered!

    “Eric Pines is simply Amazing! I am a physician working for the federal government and when I was recently facing an adverse action, the founding partner of Pines Federal, Eric Pines, took on my case ...”

    - Dr. K
  • I’m glad I had Eric Pines by my side.

    “I applied for Medical Disability from OPM and was denied. I found the Eric Pines Law firm to help me with my appeal through an internet search. Eric and Scott listened to me and help me get approved. ...”

    - Lilia

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