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Are you wondering if it is more difficult to win your Federal Disability Retirement case after you become separated from Federal Service?

OPM will often argue that the Federal agency you worked for didn’t have the chance to determine if accommodation or reassignment was possible for you. In doing this, OPM will claim that a crucial element needed to prove eligibility for Federal Disability Retirement benefits can’t be met or established.

If you find yourself in this position, you will need to gather evidence that proves that during your time as a federal employee with the agency you worked for, you could not perform one or more essential aspects of your job and could not be accommodated or reassigned to a job at the same pay. You will also have to prove that your medical condition is such that no matter the accommodation or potential reassignment offered by the agency, you could not have performed crucial tasks for the position.

When it comes to filing for federal disability after you have been separated from a federal employer, the foundation of your case will rely on how detailed and accurate your medical records are, as well as the reason you were separated from your employer.

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