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A complete FERS disability-retirement application package consists of the following documents:

– Standard Form 3107
– Standard Form 3107-1*
– Standard Form 3107-2 (if applicable)
– Standard Form 3107-Schedule D*
– Standard Form 3112A
– Standard Form 3112B*
– Standard Form 3112C
– Standard Form 3112D*
– Standard Form 3112E

* indicates forms that must be completed by your Agency

Note that most of these forms require supporting documentation depending on your specific situation (e.g., verification of application for Social Security Disability, operative reports, hospitalization summaries, diagnostic test results, Form W-4P, etc.). In addition, it’s a good idea to include a cover letter with your application, which should contain a legal argument as to how and why you meet all of the eligibility requirements for disability retirement.

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