The Pines Law Firm(Pines Federal ), led by Eric Pines, Esq. and Stephen Goldenzweig successfully represented V.A. Nurse in AIB Hearing and assisted the Nurse with having his records cleaned and charges dropped. The Nurse had been wrongfully accused of beating elderly patients, however, the V.A. had no evidence whatsoever to support its charges. Instead, the V.A. used the testimony of disgruntled V.A. patients who were not psychologically stable to drum up charges against the nurse. These charges would have likely lead to the employees removal and loss of his nursing license. The Pines firm assisted the client during his AIB investigation and with an intensive rebuttal which included testimony of witnesses and documentary evidence. Ultimately the V.A. did the right thing when the AIB came to the conclusion that the charges had been wrongfully brought. The charges were completely dropped and the nurse was put back to work in his job with a clean and unblemished record.