After a full day of hearing, and 3 months of negotiations, the Law Firm of Eric L. Pines, PLLC, secured a very favorable settlement agreement from a Federal Government Agency in a case before the MSPB. For confidentiality purposes, the name of the Agency will not be disclosed.In this case, our client claimed she was coerced into accepting early retirement under a VERA/VSIP program while suffering from a mental incapacity that rendered her unable to make an informed decision to retire.

The Agency claimed that the client was a poor performer who accepted the VERA/VSIP to avoid being fired for poor performance. After a full day of hearing before an MSPB Judge, the Agency agreed to settle the case. In general terms, the Agency agreed to reinstate the employee, “unwind” the VERA/VSIP, pay a lump sum in damages to the Appellant, and allowed the employee to continue in a new position with the Agency outside her old chain of command without any interruption of her service computation date.

This settlement took nearly 3 months to negotiate, due to the difficulty in unwinding a retirement action such as a VERA/VSIP, and may not be possible in every situation.

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