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A common scenario that takes place among federal employees is the following: A federal employee has a great track record for years, adding value to their department and contributing to the efficiency of operations. The employee suddenly develops a disabling medical condition that slowly limits their impact until performance is clearly subpar. The employee’s supervisor, who has developed a relationship with them and feels a sense of respect and appreciation for stellar work over the years, continues to rate at excellent or satisfactory with nary a comment to disclose the current reality. The federal employee’s medical condition deteriorates to an unmanageable state, and the need arises to apply for OPM Disability Retirement.

OPM sets forth clear eligibility guidelines, including evidence of performance issues for the applicant’s position description. Problem: The supervisor’s kindness when completing the performance appraisal may be unwelcome at this juncture. Is the applicant barred from a fair chance at obtaining OPM disability retirement?

This is where skilled legal guidance steps in. Law firms like Pines Federal who have successfully gained OPM Disability Retirement for their clients in situations such as this can be a boon for a federal employee in such a bind. Our Pines Federal team will draw on years of experience to build a strong case regardless, using informative responses to the following solution-based queries: Has the employee stopped working? Has attendance suffered? What can we write in the Physician’s Statement to counteract this apparent conflict? Can we negotiate with the supervisor to write honestly in the Standard Form 3112B (Supervisor’s Statement) to negate what was previously recorded? Perhaps simply a cover letter explaining the apparent disparity is all that is necessary.

Pines Federal has employed various techniques and strategies to obtain OPM Disability Retirement for tens of federal employees. Contact Pines Federal today at 800-801-0598 or email us at info@pinesfederal to see how you can become another one of our fans.

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Eric L. Pines is a nationally recognized federal employment lawyer, mediator, and attorney business coach. He represents federal employees and acts as in-house counsel for over fifty thousand federal employees through his work as a federal employee labor union representative.

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