There are numerous Federal programs which, collectively, can offer generous benefits to eligible individuals, and all that is required to flesh out the maximum benefit is sufficient understanding to distinguish between each one.

The above title represents a common Federal program interplay concern among disabled vets who have either established a service-connected disability and are receiving benefits for it while pursuing the option of OPM disability retirement, or would like to apply for veterans’ disability benefits and OPM disability retirement concurrently.

Rest assured that our government honors its veterans by allowing them to apply for both Veterans Disability AND OPM Disability Retirement, and that the applications do not have to be submitted in any particular order (unless individual-specific deadlines dictate otherwise). And when the happy day brings forth the news of approval of benefits for the two programs, additional good tidings lie in the wings for the following inquiries:

  • Can I collect my FERS annuity and VA disability benefits at the same time?
  • Will my health benefits, life insurance or survivor payments be affected?
  • Are the payments from FERS or the VA offset at all?

Yes, the applicant is sanctioned to receive VA disability benefits AND the regular FERS annuity with no reductions on either side. Other benefits will similarly remain unaffected.

Applying for any Federal Program requires detailed knowledge and understanding; all the more so when other factors such as eligibility for multiple benefits comes into play. In these situations, it is doubly important to make sure that you have engaged the services of an experienced law firm to ensure that you are not sabotaging your chance to be approved for all potential benefits. Contact Pines Federal at or 800-801-0598 to for expert advice on applying for OPM Disability Retirement along with other Federal programs.