Pines Federal

Eric Pines

Eric L. Pines is a distinguished federal employment lawyer with extensive experience in representing disabled federal employees in their requests for Federal Employee Disability Retirement (OPM) and other accommodation needs under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. His legal practice focuses primarily on federal employee matters, including advocating for employees who require medical and religious reasonable accommodations. Mr. Pines, who also has a background as a federal employee and serves as in-house counsel for numerous federal unions, has successfully handled various significant cases, including a notable FLSA settlement involving 3,860 FEMA employees.

Pines Federal

Amanda Moreno

Amanda Moreno is an accomplished attorney in federal employment law at Pines Federal, where she serves as the Supervising Litigation Attorney. Over the past decade, Amanda has focused on litigating complex federal employment labor disputes, demonstrating a unique combination of rigorous litigation skills and compassionate client advocacy. This blend has led to numerous successes in EEO hearings, MSPB hearings, Title 38 DAB, and Federal Employee Labor Arbitration hearings, where she has secured substantial financial recoveries for her clients. Her approach emphasizes a realistic assessment of case outcomes, ensuring clients have a clear understanding of their chances for success.

Brown & Goodkin

Daniel Goodkin

Dan has dedicated his career to federal employee compensation law after a brief stint in the entertainment industry. He currently serves as the President of the FECA Law and Advocacy Group and holds a leadership role in the Workers Injury Law and Advocacy Group (WILG) following their merger. In these roles, Dan works closely with the National Office at OWCP to improve the FECA process for all parties involved. He is also a respected speaker on various topics related to federal compensation, including coordinating remedies between FECA, FERS/CSRS Disability Retirement, and other federal employee benefits, demonstrating his expertise and commitment to federal employee rights.

Andalman & Flynn

Elliott Andalman

Elliott Andalman brings extensive experience and knowledge in representing federal employees and postal workers across the United States on claims for disability retirement. His legal support extends to various federal employment issues, including FMLA leave, reasonable accommodations, and defending against unwarranted disciplinary actions. His legal career is marked by significant affiliations and leadership roles, including the founding co-chair of the Maryland Association for Justice’s Section on Disability Benefits Law and a past chair of the American Association for Justice’s Section on Social Security Disability Benefits Law.

Law Offices of Stephen Barszcz

Stephen Barszcz

Stephen Barszcz is a highly regarded attorney focused on securing OPM disability retirement, Social Security disability, and Federal Workers’ Compensation claims for clients across the United States. Initially starting his career representing government and insurance entities, Barszcz shifted his focus in the 1990s to advocate for individuals and families, driven by a personal and professional commitment to serve those wronged by bureaucratic systems. His extensive experience working with a network of doctors and medical specialists has equipped him with a deep understanding of medical procedures and treatments, which he effectively utilizes in his practice.

Jorgensen Law

Don Jorgensen

Don Jorgensen is an experienced attorney in Social Security Disability and SSI law, with a practice rooted deeply in his early values of honesty and integrity. Raised in San Diego, California, and educated at Brigham Young University, he started his legal career in Texas where he became acutely aware of the challenges faced by disabled individuals dealing with the Social Security system. This inspired him to co-found a leading Social Security Disability Law practice in Southeast Texas. Eventually, Jorgensen founded his own firm, Jorgensen Law, with a dedicated team aimed at assisting clients overwhelmed by the complexities of Social Security claims.