Pines Federal

Eric Pines

Eric L. Pines is a highly recognized federal employment lawyer with substantial experience in representing disabled federal employees in their Federal Employee Disability Retirement (OPM) claims. As a former federal employee and now the Chief Counsel for AFGE Local 1923 and in-house counsel for FEMA and various Department of Defense and Veteran Affairs unions, he possesses a deep understanding of federal employment laws. His firm is notably active in securing accommodations under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 for those unable to continue in their federal roles, making significant strides in disability retirement cases.

Pines Federal

Amanda Moreno

Amanda Moreno is an accomplished litigator with extensive experience in federal employment law, currently serving as the Supervising Attorney at Pines Federal. Over the past decade, she has resolved complex federal employment labor disputes through MSPB hearings, Title 38 DAB, EEO Hearings, and Federal Employee Labor Arbitration hearings. Her litigation approach combines a rigorous pursuit of justice with compassion and creativity, often leading to significant financial recoveries for her clients. Her commitment to client advocacy is reflected in her focus on providing clients with realistic assessments of their cases’ success, ensuring they are well-informed throughout the legal process.

Law Offices of Jeffrey Delott

Jeffrey Delott

Jeffrey Delott is a seasoned attorney with over 25 years of experience in litigating disability claims across federal and state courts. He established his own disability practice on Long Island in 2005, offering services in both Nassau and Suffolk counties. Delott’s extensive experience encompasses representing claimants throughout the disability process, from initial applications to appeals in court. He has successfully assisted thousands of clients in securing Social Security disability benefits, disability retirement benefits, and long-term disability benefits from a wide range of insurers, such as UnumProvident, Prudential, and MetLife.

Turley Redmond & Rosasco, L.L.P.

William Turley

Bill Turley, an experienced attorney based in Brooklyn, has an extensive background in both workers’ compensation and disability retirement law. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Brooklyn College, he pursued legal studies at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago. Admitted to the New York Bar in 1984 and also licensed in Illinois, Bill has been practicing for nearly 30 years, focusing particularly on the rights and compensation claims of injured employees. As a member of the Suffolk County Bar Association and the Injured Workers Bar Association, and a board member of the Workers’ Compensation Alliance, he has contributed significantly to educating union groups about workers’ rights and compensation processes.

Bell Law Group

Jon Bell

Jon Bell, a seasoned attorney with a keen focus on federal employee litigation, began his career at a major New York litigation law firm, working on multi-million dollar claims. Dissatisfied with the inability to choose his clients and occasionally finding himself in ethical conflicts, Mr. Bell established his own law firm to advocate passionately for clients he personally believes in. He focuses on representing federal employees challenging entire federal agencies, equipping them to fight back effectively. Besides federal employment cases, Mr. Bell also handles private sector employment and personal injury cases in New York, demonstrating significant success in these areas.

Bell Law Group

Nathalie Bell

Nathalie L. Bell, managing partner and practicing attorney since 2002, has a rich background in federal employment issues, including OPM disability retirement. Graduating from New York Law School in 2001, she initially served as an Assistant District Attorney in Queens before moving to the Nassau County Police Department where she rose to Deputy Bureau Chief. In these roles, she gained significant experience in EEO matters and ADA compliance, skills she now applies to her practice focusing on federal employee cases. Most recently, Ms. Bell was appointed as Counsel to the NYPD Police Commissioner, advising on discipline, labor, and employment issues.