Why does the OPM Disability Application process take so long?

Here are 3 reasons why the OPM Disability process may take a long time.

1 - OPM is meticulous when processing a disability application. Therefore, it is imperative that your medical records and physician's statement be detailed and provide all the necessary information. Gathering your medical records and finding a doctor who will take the time to write a detailed and complete physician's statement usually takes a few months.

2 - After you have gathered your medical records, received your physician's statement, and completed the necessary forms, your agency fills out the SF-3112B, SF-3112D, and SF-3112E forms. Although these forms can be completed in just one week, we have found that these forms are occasionally filled out incorrectly. We suggest requesting copies of your agency forms and reviewing them for accuracy.

3 - As mentioned above, OPM is meticulous when processing a disability application. We have found that OPM takes almost 7 months to process an application once they have received it. Although OPM processes disability retirement claims on a “first in, first out” basis, we recommend calling them every few weeks to check on their progress. It's possible that OPM is waiting for more information from you which they haven't requested yet.

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