Denied OPM Disability Retirement? Here's What You Should Do

You’ve received your initial decision from OPM Disability Retirement, and you’ve been denied. Now What?

Many federal employees who receive a negative decision are cowed by the jargon that is the explanation of the decision and don’t stop to consider that they may actually have a tremendous amount of arsenal to give their reconsideration appeal a shot of potency.

Factors Considered in OPM Disability Retirement Application

Several things to consider include the strength of the Physician’s Statement that was provided, the amount and effectiveness of the medical evidence, and the nature of the evidence that was supplied.

Often, the reasoning cited by the OPM examiner has a clear counter-argument grounded in case law, or the decision was a faulty one based on erroneous conclusions that can easily be clarified.

Occasionally, all that is necessary is simply a document or two to prove the validity of the claim.

Lastly, it is always worthwhile to submit an appeal and have the application examined by a different individual; a fresh set of eyes on the claim may the key to securing the decision you deserve.

Contact Pines Federal Today

It certainly helps to have an experienced law firm when you need to evaluate the reason for a denied application, and to formulate an effective and successful reconsideration appeal. Better yet, contact Pines Federal at (800) 801-0598 or to assist with your initial application so that it’s done properly the first time around!

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