Can I work in a private sector job while I am on OPM Disability?

You definitely can be open to supplementing your FERS annuities with a job in the private sector, as long as you keep two important points in mind:

1) Your annual income from the job must be less than 80% of the current rate of basic pay for the position from which you retired. If your income exceeds this amount, OPM would understand that you have been reinstated to earning capacity, and this would effectively remove your eligibility status for OPM Disability Retirement.

2) You want to be sure that the private sector position description is not too similar to your federal job for which you claim disability, or at least demands a different skillset. For example, if you had a federal job that required major cognitive functioning and you claim that your anxiety and depression challenges you in that area, you would have a hard time creating a credible argument for OPM if you took a job in the private sector that also demands focus, concentration, analysis, or decision-making skills.

When applying for OPM Disability Retirement, you may have more options than you realize, and that is why it is so vital to have a qualified law firm such as Pines Federal upon which to rely for accurate information and comprehensive knowledge. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 800-801-0598 or for any questions regarding OPM Disability Retirement.