V.A. Title 38 Doctors and Nurses Need Special Legal Protection

Are you a V.A. doctor or nurse who is facing potential or actual discipline? If so, you have very unique and special legal needs. Most V.A. employees, and most federal employees are hired under Title 5 of the United States Code. With that hiring authority Title V federal employees retain many civil service legal benefits. For example, a Title V federal employee who is removed for cause can often appeal that charge to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB). The MSPB afford federal employees many unique and special protections.

By contrast, the Title 38 V.A. employee does not generally share these MSPB rights. V.A. Doctors and Nurses who are disciplined must maneuver a legal system which can include a Professional Standards Board, a Disciplinary Appeals Board and/or the EEO Discrimination rights. If you are federal employee who facing discipline or an Administrative Investigation Board (AIB) then it is important for you to reach out to an attorney or firm who has experience and success in these unique areas. Please feel free to contact the Law Offices of Eric L. Pines, PLLC if you are interested in more information.