The Disabled Federal Employee and Tangled Web of Federal Rules and Regulations

The Interplay between Reasonable Accommodation, EEO Reasonable Accommodation, OPM Disability, Social Security and OWCP. If you are a typical injured or disabled federal employee you are probably confused by the myriad of disability definitions laws that effect you as well as the interplay between all of the organizations and federal agencies that you have to maneuver just to begin to walk through the maze the federal government has laid before you the federal employee. In fact, there is no worse time for you the federal employee to have to deal with these unique and confusing (and sometimes contradicting) laws and regulation necessary for you to receive the benefits that the government entitles you too. A few years ago I began to lay out some of these rules and regulation. By engaging in this endeavor my goal is to help direct you, the federal employee, through the maze and assist you in what I find to be a time of my clients greatest needs. Along the way I welcome your feedback and questions. If you need more individualized attention then this blog feel free to contact me at I look forwarded to hearing from and educating you the federal employee.