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At Pines Federal, our federal employment lawyers are passionate about protecting the rights of federal employees in disability claims. If you are living with a disability, you have a right to reasonable accommodation or reassignment to duties that can be performed in your condition, or to fair disability benefits. Each case is unique, and our extensive knowledge of federal employee rights in disability cases has proven to be of great benefit to the hundreds of federal employees we have represented over our years in practice.

Representing injured and disabled federal employees is our specialty and passion! If you are limited at work by an injury or illness, you likely feel intimidated maneuvering through the maze of federal rules and regulations. Even the seemingly simple step of determining whether you are, in fact, disabled is often a complicated legal determination. The good news is that the Federal laws that govern this area are actually on your side and you have many rights available to assist you with accommodation.

At Pines Federal, our attorneys bring a unique combination of experience, client-centered service along with a personally tailored approach to Federal employee disability law. From our Houston office, we represent employees of every federal agency throughout the United States and the World.

If you are a federal employee with physical or mental limitations, contact us at (888) 898-9902 to discuss your options for getting the right accommodations.

A Firm You Can Trust

  • Committed to Our Clients

    Our attorneys bring unmatched experience, dedication, tenacity, sensitivity, and personal commitment to the table for every individual we represent.

  • Stellar Reputation

    Our firm has garnered a reputation as committed advocates for representing employees of any federal agency with an emphasis on helping disability and veterans administration employees.

  • Proven Record of Success

    Our attorneys have been fiercely protecting the rights of employees for decades and have a stunning track record and a proven success rate.

  • Tailored Approach to Your Case

    Our attorneys will listen to your case, provide an honest assessment, answer all your questions and concerns, and create a custom strategy to provide the best possible outcome.

  • Over 50 Years of Combined Experience

    Our seasoned litigation lawyers have decades of experience and are ready to fight on your behalf in court should the need arise.

All Aspects of Disability Representation

The legal professionals at Pines Federal understand the big picture and can help you with your EEO office, labor relations specialists as well as someone who understands the intricacies of federal laws rules and regulations.

For example, a disabled employee sits somewhere on a continuum of legal needs beginning with:

  • The need for Reasonable Accommodation.
  • The need for Reassignment when no accommodation will work in your position of description of record.
  • The need for OPM Disability Retirement when accommodation or reassignment is not possible.
  • The need for OWCP Workers Compensation when the injury occurred at your federal agency.

Ideally, a disabled employee would seek out an attorney who is versed in all areas of and can assist with any of these areas, and more importantly, a lawyer who can tell them what makes the most sense in their particular situation because of their unique situation.

If you have read this far you probably know that there are few firms that specialize in the nuances of all these areas. At our firm, we pride ourselves on understanding all of these areas and, more importantly, helping the employee determine what is the best route for them to pursue (not what’s the most lucrative choice for the law firm or attorney).

At Pines Federal, we recommend a flat fee case review to our clients to help them determine the best path forward to meet their needs. After a case review, a client can decide if they would like to retain our firm to represent them.

  • Successfully Fights Alleged Violation of Last Chance Agreement Reinstated
  • V.A. Title 38 Nurse Has AIB Charges Dropped and Record Cleaned Charges Dropped
  • OPM Disability Acceptance Disability Awarded
  • OPM Disability Acceptance Disability Awarded
  • OPM Disability Acceptance Disability Awarded
  • Client Suffering from Severe Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Disability Awarded
  • Win! Pines Federal Firm Overturns DAB – 14 Day Suspension with Full Back Pay Suspension Removed & Back Pay
  • OPM Disability Acceptance Disability Awarded
  • OPM Disability Acceptance Disability Awarded
  • Wrongfully Terminated Veterans Administration Employee Gets Job Back Reinstated with Full Back Pay

What Is Considered a Disability?

The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 applied the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to federal employees.

While it does not specifically list conditions that qualify as a disability, it does categorize them into the following:

  • Physiological disorders
  • Neurological disorders
  • Psychological disorders
  • Having cancer, epilepsy or an intellectual disability can qualify as an impairment that limits a major life activity as well.
  • The standard for determining whether you have a disability is whether your condition impairs or limits your ability to perform major life activities such as walking, speaking, learning, eating, hearing or seeing.

What Is Disability Discrimination?

You are the victim of disability discrimination when your employer uses your impairment to treat you in an adverse manner that is different from the treatment accorded other similarly situated employees without the impairment or disability. Having an impairment should not be an excuse to refuse to hire or promote you, pay you less money, or deny you benefits that are offered to other non-impaired workers.

It is also discrimination to be harassed, sexually or by bullying, based on your disability, whether the behavior comes from a co-worker, supervisor, a non-employee or a customer. Note that you might not have a viable complaint based only on a few incidents or on one or two casual comments. The harassing conduct must have created an offensive or hostile working environment. If you report the harassment and an adverse employment decision is based on your reporting, it also may constitute an act of disability discrimination.

Litigation, Mediation & Consulting

Our firm specializes in this area, Mr. Pines has provided numerous federal training seminars in EEO and Reasonable Accommodation to the Veterans Administration, the Army, the Library of Congress and other federal agencies. We specialize in assisting with requests for accommodation, filing informal and formal complaints and all aspects of litigation of EEO claims in federal administrative courts.

Contact the Pines Federal Law Offices: (888) 898-9902.

At Pines Federal, our federal employment attorneys focus exclusively on the rights of federal employees, federal labor unions and federal agencies. We have over 50 years of collective experience in advising and pursuing disability discrimination claims for federal employees.

The experienced legal team at Pines Federal is highly knowledgeable. Contact us at our Houston office today: (888) 898-9902.

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    “As a paralegal for the MSPB, I know first hand how challenging dealing with legal issues can be. Pines Federal law firm was great in helping me with a legal issue I had and helped to put my mind at ...”

    - Yolanda
  • Pines Federal Law Firm is a grateful blessing to my life.

    “Pines Federal Law Firm is a grateful blessing to my life. They have been so good to me! Eric, Josh and Michael took time to listen to my concerns about my EEO discrimination case against DHS. They ...”

    - Yolanda H.
  • There is no comparison between the other firms I interviewed. If you need a firm to understand complex government processes.

    “I worked with Josh Kahn for over a year on my case against the Department of Veterans Affairs. He and the law firm believed in my case and prepared outstanding legal documents, depositional inquiries, ...”

    - Dr. West
  • Amazing! Just what the Doctor Ordered!

    “Eric Pines is simply Amazing! I am a physician working for the federal government and when I was recently facing an adverse action, the founding partner of Pines Federal, Eric Pines, took on my case ...”

    - Dr. K
  • I’m glad I had Eric Pines by my side.

    “I applied for Medical Disability from OPM and was denied. I found the Eric Pines Law firm to help me with my appeal through an internet search. Eric and Scott listened to me and help me get approved. ...”

    - Lilia

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