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Blog Posts in December, 2016

  • I was rejected for Social Security Disability Insurance. Can I still get OPM Disability Retirement?

    Social Security Disability Insurance requires the applicant to be unable to perform Substantial Gainful Employment as a result of their medical condition, which would essentially disqualify the applicant from working at almost any job in order to meet this condition. OPM Disability Retirement , however, only demands that the applicant be unable to perform one or more critical elements of their ...
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  • Do I need to request Reasonable Accommodation if I want OPM Disability Retirement?

    For a federal employee with this concern, here are two illustrative examples to consider: The federal employee is in a position that requires onsite presence, and has a severely disabling medical condition that prevents them from coming to work at all; or perhaps their disability leads to unacceptable communication in an interaction-heavy position description. The employee is 100% positive that ...
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