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Blog Posts in January, 2014

  • Whether a Federal Employee is Providing Useful and Efficient Service, that is the Question!

    It would seem that more often than not, laws are written in vague, unclear words that are nearly impossible to construe on face value. Rather the laws are interpreted via a number of methods, including guidelines, court decisions, and regulations. Such is the case when trying to figure out what makes someone eligible for disability retirement. Whether filing for FERS or CSRS, an applicant for ...
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  • Postal Service Controverts OWCP Claims to Save the Agency Money!

    Overwhelmingly, the impact of sequestration is most direct when it comes to workers rights. In some cases, agencies will challenge or controvert claims, not because they actually have a good reason, but because the injury violates a rule, or simply will cost the agency more money than it wishes to spend. The Postal Service for example, will challenge claims in which a worker has an accident in ...
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