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Blog Posts in December, 2008

  • Federal Disability Retirement: I've been approved for Social Security disability, but denied Disability retirement - what next?

    I have heard from a lot of disability retirement applicants that they have been approved for Social Security disability but later denied disability retirement by OPM. Many of the applicants that call us are confused how this can be, so this blog will attempt to explain how this might happen – and what you can do about it. The biggest reason that you might receive different decisions – a grant of ...
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  • Federal Disability Retirement: FERS/CSRS and light duty accommodations

    When an employee applies for disability retirement under CSRS or FERS, one of the elements that the employee must show is that the Agency is unable to accommodate him or her. In order to prove this element, the agency must review all vacant positions under its jurisdiction at the same grade or pay level and tenure in the commuting area to determine if the employee meets the minimum qualification ...
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  • Federal Disability Retirement: OPM Denied my Disability Retirement Application - What Next?

    You receive the letter from OPM, open it, and find that OPM denied your application for disability retirement benefits under FERS/CSRS. Chances are, you’ll read the letter over and over, and the more you read it, the less sense it will make. What do you do? At this point, your choices depend on what stage of the application you are at. If this is the first indication you have received that OPM has ...
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