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Blog Posts in April, 2007

  • What is Discontinued Service Retirement for Federal Employees?

    Federal employees who are involuntarily separated, other than for misconduct or delinquency, and who have 25 years of service (or are 50 years old and have only 20 years of service) will be entitled to a Discontinued Service Retirement annuity. The purpose of the discontinued service retirement is to cushion the blow to a federal employee who finds himself or herself involuntary separated from ...
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  • MSPB's Mediation Assistance Program

    The MSPB has a little-known program known as the Mediation Assistance Program (MAP), wherein Federal Employees can attempt to negotiate a resolution to their MSPB appeal with their Agency. In my experience, very few Agency attorneys have experience with, or even know of, the Mediation Assistance Program. This is unfortunate, because the program is probably one of the better mediation forums ...
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  • MSPB: Can a medical illness be good cause for untimely filing?

    Generally, the answer to the above question is yes. However, the MSPB has laid out a test which will control whether or not a medical condition or illness can justify an untimely filed appeal. The test is laid out in Lacy v. Dept. of Navy, 73 MSPR 434 (1998), and requires that an employee show three things: (1) Identify the time period during which he suffered from the illness; (2) submit medical ...
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  • Federal Disability Retirement: Can Federal Employees Appeal an OPM denial of disability retirement?

    The short answer to that question is “generally, yes”. Disability retirement is available to Federal Employees who become disabled in the course of their employment. The disability need not have occurred while at work. Whether or not an employee is eligible for disability retirement depends on which Retirement System the employee works under. CSRS employees must be employed for a minimum of 5 ...
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