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Blog Posts in May, 2017

  • 6 Common Reasons Social Security Disability Claims Are Denied

    Each year, millions of people apply for disability, but roughly two thirds of those applicants are initially denied. If you have attempted to apply, or plan to apply, for social security disability, discover why so many are turned down, and what you might be able to do to see your claim approved. Claims may be denied for any number of reasons, but there are a few common themes found in the claims ...
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  • What is the Adverse Action Process?

    Creditors and potential employers must follow certain rules if they deny someone based on their credit, consumer or criminal history. This process, called diverse action, legally requires employers to notify the applicant when they have been denied a position or promotion based on their background check. In many situations adverse action is unlawful, though there are other instances where criminal ...
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  • Knowing Your Rights in a Retaliation Case

    Have you been experiencing a hostile work environment and aren’t exactly sure if you have a case? Do you have concrete proof that your employer is retaliating against you for speaking up about discrimination or harassment? Both of these situations are actually more common than you may believe—that’s why our experienced and knowledgeable lawyers at Pines Federal strive to fight for your rights when ...
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